BMW Owners Beware!

I am a BMW owner who loved her car.  So much in fact that I was devastated the Saturday it spontaneously caught fire.

The fire department’s conclusion on the scene was that my car, sitting in my parking lot with the engine off, had an electrical fire.

Since then, I have been researching BMW’s electrical problems.  A quick search on Google demonstrates that there have been several people with a similar situation.  This leaves me intrigued . . . and slightly worried.

I am worried about what my insurance is going to say.  I am worried that BMW is not going to handle my situation with care and consideration.  I am worried that driving a BMW puts me and my family at risk.  I have a 5 month old baby; a darling, precious little soul.  The thought of what might have happened if we were in the car when it caught fire is overwhelming.

This blog is a record of my worries, my research and my looming anticipation of disappointment in BMW’s customer service. Please read and draw your own conclusions.


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9 07 2010
William Gallant II

My 550 I burned infront of my house this morning at 2:45 am. I am very interested in hearing from anyone else with the same problem. The fire department said it was an electrical problem. Tonight the car would have been in the garage as it was to be detailed today. What would have happened to my family?

13 09 2010
BMW Electrical Fires

Did BMW offer any assistance? Did they take responsibility for the damages to your car?

10 07 2015

I’m the class action atty handling the water leak causing fires & engine failures due to water getting into trunk/cargo bay electronic modules. Plz call my cell: 1-800-279-6996 so we can compare notes. Thx. Jos. Santoli, Esq.

6 03 2016
John Major

We owned a 2007 328xi that caught fire and burned. My son was driving it and noted a chugging sensation when at a stop that started spontaneously. He was meeting us for dinner. My husband offered to drive his car home to see if he noted any malfunctioning. On the way home he noted an burning electrical smell, pulled over and the car burst into flames. Fire and Police departments responded and said it appeared as an electrical fire. The car was totaled. Had drove the car 100 miles the day prior without issue. Thankfully my husband noted the unusual smell prompting him to pull over and get out of the car before it burst into flames.

17 09 2016

My 550 burned today in parking lot of a department store no warning. Any Advice?

28 02 2017

i have same problem while i was driving and coming home from work on my 550 i ..when i pulled up to open my Apt complex gate i smell something burning i thought it might be in air ..then i saw smoke coming out frm hood immidiately i park my car on the side and got out to see wats happening i saw fire starts from the fog light coming towards my face i ran and call 911 the police came in few minutes but unluckily fire department took lil time .. in 10 minutes cars was on flames and the front end melted in black pieces…i honestly think it happen due to the electrical wire harness what cause the fire…

19 05 2017
peter hougaard

what year is your 550
I have a 2015 and it is parked in garage under out bedroom

19 05 2017
Stephanie Zimmermann

Keva, I would like to hear more about what happened to you. Would you please email me at ? Thanks!

26 05 2017
William D McCarthy

I know exactly what the problem is that is causing all these BMW vehicle fire. I have spoken with Brian Ross with ABC Investigates about my findings. I found the problem by accident a little over a year ago while doing repairs to a BMW in Worcester, Ma… I know exactly what is causing the fires and it is a manufactures defect..

27 05 2017
Joseph R. Santoli, Esq.

You could save lives & heartache by contacting me so that I could compare findings & bring a class action. Plz pm me on FB or call my cell anytime: 1-800-279-6996. Joseph R. Santoli

29 05 2017
Stephanie Joyner Mitchell

If you could please elaborate on what the problem is you may help many other owners. We just purchased a 330ci and it actually started smoking after being parked. Smoke was coming out of the trunk and it was found to be the subwoofer. (Or so they think) This, of course, makes me very nervous.

25 06 2017

Hi william my wifes bmw x1 2.0D just burnt out.switched off and locked for 8 hours and suddenly after hearing a bang i come out at 12:30am and car is burning.what is the cause?burgandy estate cape town
Sherwin Williams

19 08 2017
Jai's MyStuff Page

2001 BMW X5 4.4i caught fire today, August 18, 2017 while parked in shopping center parking lot.

12 10 2017

I had a 2007 328i that spontaneously caught fire on 9/22/17. Firefighters said it was electrical. Car is totaled.
Call me at 314/825-6212. I’d like to know how you resolved your issue!
Thank you,

25 10 2017
Luis Molinary

Dear William:
Could you give me the information of why is this happening ?

15 11 2017
Don Schmidt

William, I’m starting to get an electrical burning odor in my ’13 535i. What did you discover? Thanks

19 11 2017

William I live in Lowell MA, and this just happened to my car luckily it never caught on fire. However it did burn my positive battery cable in my 2004 330xi. I would like to know the conclusion that you discovered, and is it worth fixing?

3 01 2018
Amy oconnor

I have a burning plastic smell only when I turn on my heater usually starts smelling really bad after having my heater on for a few minutes, I just received a recall letter from bmw, saying that PCV valve heater, and saying my car could catch on fire then it says remedy unavailable in the letter,WTF, recalling
2007-2011 BMW series 3, series 5,series Z4, X3 SAV, and X5 SAV vehicle, has any one else received this letter on December 2017?

13 08 2017
gerald paradis

335 xi 2008 catch fire glove department

26 09 2017

My 2007 328 caught on fire for no reason. Car was parked and my daughter had just gotten out of it. The key was off. Electrical fire right behind the glove box. Happened last Friday, 9/22/17. Someone in the parking lot saw a car on fire and called the Fire Dept. Anybody else have similar situation call me at 314-825-6212. Jim Fabick. Thanks

9 07 2010
William Gallant II

It is me again. I just wanted to share a couple things or maybe to vent a little. I own(ed) my 2008 BMW 550i free and clear, still under warranty for another 60,000 miles. All service has been done at the dealer. My plan was to take it to my detailer this morning and start parking it in my garage again where on the other side of the wall is my 9 year old son and 2 year old daughter. Can you imagine what could have happened had the car been in my garage? It makes me sick to my stomach to even think of it.

LIke most people that own a BMW prior to the fire I loved my car. I told everyone that I will drive a BMW for the rest of my life and so quickly things change. I would love to hear what people have done in their approach to dealing with BMW.

9 09 2010
BMW Electrical Fires


I can’t believe I missed your comment, but I haven’t checked this site in a while. Basically, BMW refused to compensate me for my loses and I am still pissed off.

Frustrated and miserable, I had to put the whole thing on the back burner to keep from losing my mind. I thought a major company such as BMW would be willing to do something to help a middle class American who was loyal to their brand. I am saddened by the whole thing. Every time I see a black 325i my heart drops.

I believe one day there will be a class action law suit and I will get justice at that time. But how many people have to risk their lives or die before BMW takes responsibility?

23 11 2014
shelia johnson

Devastating to hear that. My daughter’s 325i caught fire today. Firefighters said it was an electrical fire. But all praises to God it could have been fatal because the fire started less than 5 minutes after she got out of the car.

28 01 2018

I had a bmw m5 2006 it lit on fire while my lil brother was driving it and bmq dont wanna help or nothing
they don’t wanna do shit for us

3 01 2018

Hello! My name Sharlett Thompson. I can feel each and everyone’s pain right now. I purchase a 2008 bmw 328i in March of 2017, how about my car was a total loss on Dec. 4, 2017 due to fire. I still had warranty plus Gap & insurance. All I want to know has anyone heard anything with BMW? I called National Safety Administration & file a complaint, Next step for all of us is getting an attorney to do whats necessary for our pain and suffering, plus the damage for our loss.

19 05 2011

again another victim. reading your blog takes me back last year when the same thing happened in front of my house, a proud bmw owner gutted and devasted my newy polished car soon ashes. bmw would have nothing to do with it did a so called investigation as it had been in for service that morning the fire broke out late evening! i now drive a very comfortable audi, still have a soft spot for my bmw but safety and trust comes first.

11 07 2011
kevin critcher

Just lost my BMW 325D to a spontatious fire last night myself and my 3 children just managed to get out before the entire engine compartment burst into flames THESE CARS ARE DEATH TRAPS

12 02 2012
Joaquin Davila

On January 10, 2012 my Bmw 2007 335i coupe caught fire after being
serviced by Autogermana Bmw in Puerto Rico. I am still expecting an answer from them and from BMW of North America without sucess. BMW of North America sent an Engineer to dtermine the cause of the fire but they have decided to stay in complete silence. The repair quote is $25,000 so the insurance company declared it a total loss. My car was in top condition with only 45,000 miles, Autogermana BMW offered $10,000 to buy another car and has deny any liability. I will take the case to legal and will see what happens.

19 04 2012
Erika Williman

In June 2010 my children and I were lucky my BMW 3 series caught fire just a minute or so after we had got out of it.It set fire to my house also.The car was destroyed and my hosue damaged.BMW were not interested so I claimed through my car , house insurance.I am beyond disgusted with BMW.I will never buy a BMW and think it is a scandal BMW ignore these fundamental safety issues.My children were traumatised for several months as a result of the fire.Had the fire service not arrived so swiftly our house would have been totally raised to the ground and probably our neighbours property seriously damaged too. Two months later our neighbours son in law experienced an electrical fire too- with his BMW 3 series.Enough said.

3 01 2018

Sorry about your loss… But we have to keep pushing them to take responsibility for their own action!!! Like you said they don’t care anything about our spouses, kids, etc.. Foremost you and your family are ok! God have the last say so. BMW knew that these cars had a defect on them, they found out about complaints on their service & decided to do a Recall. Really!!

21 08 2012
Dr. Harvey G. Watkins

I too have had an experience with a 325i BMW catching on fire. My story is very simular to those aritten here. My question is what are “we” going to do about it ? I am going to speak to my attorney, and state representative, and perhaps my sentor about this matter. Maybe, just maybe we can all ban together and get this company to take responsible for their manufacuring problems. In my case the BMW 325i, and two home were damaged as a results of the fire. If there is an attorney out there that wants to assist us please send a message out. thank you for listing.

22 08 2012
Jo T

My BMW 320i Sports Coupe caught fire while I was driving it back in February this year. I smelt burning and then the the car started filling up with smoke. I was on my own, driving along a dark country lane with no lighting.
I jumped out of the car, and there were flames coming out from underneath the bonnet above the lights.

It took only 10 minutes for the car to burn into the ground – 30 minutes for the fire brigade to extinguish the fire.

I bought this car for cash brand new off the lot (£25.5k).
One owner, full service history, no problems until this happened. What is scary is that I had no warning whatsoever prior to it catching alight.

Insurance independently assessed the car and said that it was due to a manufacturer electrical fault.

So far, no response from BMW – very disappointed.

I loved my BMW’s but would never buy another one again.

30 09 2012

Wow, I just found this blog after my neighbors 328i caught fire a few hours ago. The the engine compartment was okay but the whole passenger compartment burned. Car had been sitting for 2 days before it spontaneously burned. Good thing It was in a garage with sprinklers. They still have a lot of smoke damage in their house. Does this happen to other cars too?

22 10 2012

I was searching on web for an article that can relate to what I’m feeling right now and finally found one. 20th October 2012 my husbands car caught fire and exploded. Luckily my husband parked near a safe car park and he saw the glove compartment burning away and stopped the car. He then got out to the nearest butchers shop to ask for help and the friendly butcher got hire fire extinguisher and as the were going towards the car the car had exploded a few times and went up in flames.

My husband is hugely disturbed by it and so am I.
I’m angry with who made this car and how they could risk life’s for the sake of ther own good. I can barely sleep now as I keep thinking how I could have lost the most imporatant person I love so dearly..

BMW must pay for what they have done!!!

2 11 2012

This is freaky but my M3 just caught fire last week after beening hit in the rear. Within 15 minutes the car was gone…..can anyone give me advice?

9 11 2017

Hello Antonio. My 2008 528xi caught fire after I hit a deer Nov 2016…! We have this in common, until your story I have never heard an owner mention a collision then fire

6 11 2012

tonight my BMW just caught fire in the driveway of my home. It was a very scary experience

10 04 2013
James Hayward

April the 6/2013 my 2004 545i had a fire start in the trunk area. Fire stayed in the trunk and self extinguished thank God. The car was parked in my new garage beside my work truck and i would have lost everything I use for work since I’m self employed. Just bought the used car 18 days ago and the car had been serviced at the dealership for a recall to the passenger air bag sensor I now want to know why the dealership hadn’t checked to see if the other recalls had been done?????? especially the recall for the possibility of fires in the trunk area. When I bought my mercedes 12 years ago the dealer checked that all the recalls had been done so whats up with the BMW dealers here in Canada? BMW needs to help the consumer with this known problem that I now know has existed for sometime and even the dealerships say nothing to you. Has a class action been started yet?????

10 07 2015

James-I’m an atty handling a class action case for trunk fires caused by water in the electronic modules. Plz call my cell: 1-800-279-6996 or email me w/your cell: Thx.

9 08 2015

I just bought a 2015 bmw 328 xi dhould i worry or did they correct the issues posted here

20 08 2015

Does anybody had a fire started from the windshield wipers?
I did.

20 08 2015

With a X5 2012

31 10 2015
concerned friend

Gpod day James. Curious in knowing if many ppl have contact you since it’s is pretty clear BMW has a Huge issue that neeeds attention for safety’s sake & based on everyones responses. Are you still pursuing a case?

27 02 2018
hermosa marketing

If you should ever make it out to Maryland you may sleep at my house. I discovered your blog on my Pinterest feed. Call me up when you can! It is very informative and you are obviously very knowledgeable in this area.

19 04 2013

hi, i live in n.ireland. yesterday evening my 530i 2001 went up in flames in my drive way while i was cooking. sometimes im guilty of leaving my small child asleep in the car, thankfully on this occasion he was in the house with me. he would have been dead with the smoke before i would have known anything. i cant even sleep thinking about this. it has also damaged my garden and my house. i just feel utterly sick reading through all these other experiences with bmw!!!! What can we do??? How can BMW not be accountable for this??? How can they just decide to NOT CARE, peoples lives are at risk here, my life was at risk and most importantly my childs life was at risk!!! im in total shock.

19 04 2013

You may want to take note that my 2004 545i
Caught fire in the trunk even though the recall
on the battery cable had been done by the
Dealership so take it for what it’s worth my car was a write off and so far I haven’t been
Contacted by BMW for an explanation so it’s in the hands of my insurance company for now. I’m sure the highway saftey association will be notified also here in Ontario Canada about the results even after a recall had been done.

29 04 2013
R Bradshaw

My 2007 BMW 328xi coupe went up in flames last week – fortunately not in my garage. BMW has colluded with the insurance company with a better cash settlement to satisfy. I think we should organize and go after them. Otherwise there will be a disaster.

5 03 2014

I have the same car. Today I was informed by my mechanic that there was a small fire in the engine at some time. There were two wires burned out and some melted material in the center of the engine. They have ordered the new parts and will charge me the time to fix. It is extremely tight to work in there if not impossible. Maybe I should take it to the dealer instead? It is off warranty, but if am wondering if BMW would fix this as a defect to start with. Reading about all these fires happening is a real eye opener. Scary for sure.

22 02 2016
Sal Bernal

Hello my 2007 Bmw xi got on fire yesterday I was driving and some smoke came from the inside if the car like plastic smell and I pull over and got out out of the car and with in 5-10 min my car was on flames , if you can share your experience it will help me a lot , my number is 570 200 5077 and my email is

20 12 2016

Same thing happen to my 325xi yesterday. The engine was on fire. It first started with unusual smell and smoke coming from air vent.

11 07 2013

Hello everyone, after reading all of your post I am amazed!! I cant believe this has happen to all of you, my 2002 325ci caught fire today!!7/10/13 I got off work at 6am parked the car in the driveway like any other morning shut the car off an went inside. literally 3hrs later my neighbor rang on the doorbell an said over the intercom your car is on fire!! so my mother burst in my room an says son your car is on fire! I ran out with my father to find my bmw was covered in black smoke!! we grabbed the water hose open the driver door an sprayed the crap out of it! then called the local fire dept, they said its the damndist thing they have seen in a car without arson or carelessness, it just ignited!! the city fire inspector said it “might” have been faulty wiring an that somebody needs to know about this. I loved my beamer I to felt like others its the only car I would drive but now I feel totally different. I contacted my insurance company to file a claim an hopefully they to will concur with the fire inspector an rule out faulty wiring because I have no other reason to believe it was anything else I didn’t have a stereo system I didn’t smoke in the car an there was nothing in it except wallet cd’s an cup holders. I definitely would like some answers I could have been killed! we need to ban together an file some something they cannot get away with this!!

11 07 2013

sorry I ment 7/11/13

16 07 2013
Joyce and Dick Tami

Our beautiful 2007 z3 BMW burned in the parking lot of a Marriott hotel last
week. After reading so many cases of spontaneous combustion, I believe
without out a doubt that we are another victim of the BMW problem. We need a class action suit against bmw Joyce Tami Alexandria VA

30 01 2016
D. Hamilton

Sorry, Joyce, but 2002 was the last year for the Z3. Try again.

4 05 2016

This was 3 years ago

16 07 2013

Seriously though, what can we do? Will it take a life lost for something to be done… even then… what will be done. I honestly believe it will be a waste of time pursuing this as they will prob never find a concrete cause to why it started. It sickens me to say it but i dont think BMW will do anything at all. I got a ”sorry to hear that” from them over the phone. Very helpful indeed! NOT! Now both my house Insurance and Car insurance has sky rocketed! Great.

22 07 2013

I honestly think we shoud all find our local news station an start from there,, at least that’s free an a effective way to get the word out

29 07 2013

Hi, 2 weeks ago my beloved and well looked after e46 320d Bmw which had been standing for 2 days under roof caught fire at 3:35am our cleaning lady heard the alarm and air bags poping and ran to wake us up. The car was full of smoke by the time i got there with a fire extinguisher in hand, the remote on the keys could not unlock the doors so i had to unlock the trunk manualy in order for me to get to the cars battery terminals and disconect them. The dash, wiring harness and carpets are destroyed. i never new this was possible for a bmw to catch fire on its own. with the costs involved i will only have the car fixed up (maybe) by next year Jan-Feb 2014.

29 07 2013

its a shame no one here knows of someone in the legal field to see if there is anything we can do…. like seriously…. would BMW only care (if then) if someone is badly injured or worse, killed? I still have sleepless nights over my experience and panic attacks thinking about what could have been and the possibility of loosing my son.

19 08 2013

My 2007 525i caught fire this morning as I was driving to work. I was traveling on the highway and heard a loud pop. I thought one of my tires had blown. I quickly pulled over onto the shoulder, turned the engine off and watched smoke pour from the front end. Within seconds flames engulfed the front of my car. When it was all over, the entire front was gone…. melted! I am so disappointed and disgusted! I could have been seriously injured or caused injury to someone else! My car was just serviced 10 days ago!

2 10 2013
Patricia Roe

My 2011 BMW X3 caught fire 9/12/2013. I was stopped at a light! LAFD came and put out the fire. They said it was an equipment malfunction, electrical fire. My insurance company has totaled my car and offered market value. Tomorrow, BMW will investigate the damage and try to determine the cause. They’ve given me a rental until it is determined whose fault it is…my car was serviced 8 days before with new brake pads and reconnection of sensors to the battery! Only ever been serviced at BMW and I bought it new! I was on my way to pick up my grandson…and I understand the trauma everyone else on this site has experienced just wondering what might have happened.
I hired an arson investigator then decided against it. He wanted a check for $1500 to be present for the investigation then another $1500 when it was finished. He said that BMW would reimburse me if it’s their fault or if not, then my insurance company would do so! I decided not to use him at this point. But now after reading all these comments, I’m not so sure I did the right thing. ESI is the company located here in Los Angeles.
My main concern is that unless BMW does something to correct these malfunctions, someone will be injured or killed. I was lucky! And maybe people have been injured or killed and it has been kept quiet?
I called a lawyer and he said that unless there were many complaints and fires, he didn’t think there was a case against BMW! Perhaps someone should organize a formal site and have every one who has had this experience make a formal complaint.

2 03 2017

Interested in speaking with you about the issue you encountered with BMW for a possible news story.
Please contact me.

12 03 2017
Tiffany Claiborne

I have had the same thing to happen to me my 325i 2004 BMW cought fire in Jan I only had it a month ABC news contacted me and they are willing to interview anyone that had slimier fires…

20 07 2017


Id like to know if anything has been done with this.

2004 320i caught fire 2 weeks ago. Drove to work, got home, rested for an hour. Went for a massage, 10 min later, knock on door asking for the owner of the bmw on smoke. Got out, crew from another shop spraying fire extinguisher. Fire dept investigator concluded it was from the headlamp

Please if there is anybody who have heard about any actions on this, reply would be greatly appreciated

18 11 2013

I am amazed to read these incidents. I have been a loyal BMW owner for Ten years. I loved my car dearly and I am still upset because it is gone. I was driving to work this morning when smoke started billowing out of the vents and the hood area. I thought my car was overheating so I pulled over. I saw what looked like a flame shoot out of the passenger side under the car in the mirror. So, I grabbed my purse got two steps away from my car when it exploded in flames. The whole highway was shut down for an hour and a half while they struggled to put out the fire. I am devasted! I am wondering if I should hire a lawyer as this should never happen! I thought I would be a devout BMW owner for the rest of my life but now I am terrified to drive that type of car again. Now to find out this is not a rare occurence shakes me up worse. I’m just so happy my kids weren’t with me.

19 11 2013

I just hate seeing an email notification that someone else has posted to this. It just brings it all back. Its so scary, but what is scarier is that nothing can or will be done about this. As you said Christina, this should never happen, let alone on a regular basis. My baby and I were only out of the car minutes before it happened. This is bound to happen to someone someday who is not going to be as lucky. Im just glad everyone on here has been safe! Since my accident, a few weeks back, I was on my way home and noticed a BMW at the side of the road with smoke coming out of it, i slowed down to see if the person needed help (who my husband ended up knowing) and then it just exploded into flames! I just really cant understand how BMW are not interested, they certainly were not interested in my story…. all i got was a nice polite email to say how sorry they were., Makes me SICK!

24 11 2013

My bmw court fire early hours of this morning on my drive witch is right below my two children’s bedroom lucky for us a neighbour woke and saw and raised the alarm before turned fatle after reading this I’m confused on what to think forensics said it is very unlikely to be arson it’s a 320d 2008 e90 m sport can anyone help with where I go from here? It started the rear wheel arch 8 hrs after doing a short journey

1 11 2014

That is horrible. 😉

3 05 2016
Meena day

Exacty the same again we are still in shock

1 12 2013

Hi, I had a 2010 7 series. On May 2013, after an hour of it being parked on my college campus lot…i heard sirens, police, everything. I heard there was a fire on campus. Little did i know that 10 minutes later people would knock on the classroom door and look for me. I went with the officers to the lot to see my car completely distroyed. They were able to find out i’m the owner of the vehicle because of my extra drivers license that had just come in the mail and it just so happened that it was in the back behind my seat. Thats how they tied the vehicle to me, my name and everything..other than that they had no idea. only the back seats were left. Looking at it was the most disturbing thing. Its been a few months and still i have nightmares about this experience. What if someone would have gotten hurt because of the fire? Not only that but i had taken this vehicle (which is my mothers car) because i was lazy about putting gas in my Bmw 2009 M5…the exact time this fire mother was driving with my little would have been them in the car. I thank god everyday i took her car, that no one got hurt. Does anyone know if theres a class action lawsuit…i dont think BMW of North America should push us all aside. This is ridiculous. We all need a way to get the word out and then..we WILL get them to help.

23 12 2013
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23 12 2013
31 12 2013

My BMW 328i got on fire this morning (Dec, 30, 2013) at 6:30am while I was driving to work. I smelled rubber burn last week, I took it right away to Sonnen BMW in San Rafael, CA. Left the car for 5 days, on Thursday they called and said “it is possible the battery as they was a recall” next day when I went to picked it up, they charged me around $375 confirming that it was a leaf got stuck inside the engine. It did not make any sense to me so I asked to speak to their specialist. Who read from the paper.
2 days later, the car is on fire. They refused to give me loaner until I get the insurance ,money and they refused to take any responsibilities for the BAD work they did.

9 01 2014
Brandie Baxter

We all need to be involved in a class action lawsuit! I will be contacting an attorney.Please everyone interested email me your name and contact information.
Facebook Brandie Baxter

15 02 2014
marco law

what year is the car?

14 05 2017
Roger Hall

What year bmw an type

9 01 2014

On December 30, 2013, at approximately 6:30am PST, I was driving on Nave Dr. in Novato when my car caught fire. The fire broke out inside the cabin, directly behind the rear passenger-side seat.
I believe this fire could have been easily avoided if the Sonnen BMW service department had performed their job more diligently.
A week before the fire, I began to smell a burning rubber odor when I turned on my heater/defroster. I immediately drove the car to Sonnen BMW on Saturday, December 13 at 11:00am PST. The service advisor on duty refused to accept the car as it was a holiday weekend. I expressed the severity of the situation and my concern that the car was unsafe to drive. The service advisor responded that it was not BMW’s problem, and that if I was concerned about driving the vehicle, then I should rent a car. I specifically mentioned concern over the car catching fire, and the service advisor again told me that this was not BMW’s responsibility.
On Monday, December 23, 2013, at 7:15am PST, I brought the car back into BMW for service. I complained about the treatment I received from the service advisor to the assistant manager. I also mentioned repeatedly that I smelled burning rubber whenever I turned on the heater/defroster. BMW kept the car for a week. Apparently, because I mentioned the heater, BMW got fixated on looking for the problem within the heating ducts and never thought to check the electrical system.
After having the car for a week, they told me that they had determined that the cause of the odor was a leaf that had gotten sucked into the blower assembly. They charged me $320 to open the assembly and clean out the leaves. When I picked up the car on Friday, December 27, I insisted to speaking with one of the service managers, as this made no sense to me. I pointed out that burning leaves do not smell like burning rubber, and I doubted this was the cause of the problem. The service manager insisted that they were unable to find anything else wrong with the vehicle and that, after cleaning out the blower assembly, they were unable to duplicate the issue.
On the evening of Sunday, December 29, I turned on the heater and defroster for the first time since picking up the car, and immediately smelled the same odor inside the trunk. I called BMW and left a voice message indicating that they had not resolved the issue. The next morning, the car caught fire while I was driving it.
It is apparent to me that BMW never once turned on the defroster during the whole time they had the car…even though I indicated that this was part of the issue. If they had, they would have immediately replicated the issue and known that it had nothing to do with leaves in the blower. Rather then apologizing, the assistant manager immediately tried to shift the blame be stating that we told them the odor was coming from the heating ducts (we never once mentioned the ducts throughout the process). We asked BMW if they could at least provide us with a loaner vehicle until the insurance claim settled, and they refused.
BMW (corporate) is sending a team of engineers to determine the root cause of the fire. Allied insurance (our provider) has also contract a company to perform a similar investigation.
We have contacted the channel 7 “7 On Your Side” team in San Francisco, CA who is currently performing their own investigation into the poor customer service (if not outright negligence) that we received from Sonnen BMW.
Pictures of the car can be seen at:
I cannot trust what car to buy. Can anyone tell me how they by passed this incident? It messed me up, for the past 2 weeks I cannot get any sleep.

13 01 2014
Brandie Baxter

I too have contacted Channel 7 here in So Cal and they are looking into the story as well. Please send me your email and I will pass it on to them as well. The more noise we make the better. This cannot keep happening.

17 01 2014

My car caught fire last night while parked in front of my apartment building. Still nt sure how it happened. The car had been parked for at least 2 hours. The fire came from the front tire (driver’s side). The entire tire was engulfed in flames. Fire department said it might have been a short circuit problem

10 02 2016

My2000 528i just caught fire in a parking lot same place Drivers side from tire

17 01 2014

my car is a 528xi (2008) by the way

18 01 2014
Brandie Baxter

It is very important that you take the right steps quickly. Had I known what to do or who to talk to from the beginning would have been very helpful. It’s very frustrating that everyone I have dealt with has given me the run around. If anyone has any questions just ask me and I will try to help. Brandie @

20 01 2014

My daughters 2004 325 xi had a car fire under the hood last night. 01/17/14. Don’t have all the details yet …. But wanted to hear if any of you found resolution from BMW or class action?

21 01 2014
Brandie Baxter

Everyone who has had a fire needs to report the incident to the National Highway traffic and Safety
Next I would call Bmw NA to report the incident. They will advise you to go through your insurance company to cover all loss. I personally feel like Bmw is just passing the buck onto the insurance companies and hiding the fact they are fully aware they have a HUGE problem! Is this fair???absolutley not!!!! This is how Bmw has been getting away with not taking responsibility for so long. I would then contact a lemon law lawyer to find out if you can file a lawsuit. It’s very important that you have an outside expert look at the fire to determine the cause. My car caught fire October of 2013 and all bmw na had to say was sorry. I’m still waiting on a police report! I havent heard from the police department on the cause of fire.Not only that but the police towing company sold my car for $400 without my knowledge. Isnt my car evidence under investigation? I have been getting the run around from everyone. I’ve called several attorneys but Havent heard what I can do at this point. I’ve also talked to my local news station and I’m hoping they run my story. It’s awful to know that everyday somewhere this keeps happening and nothing is being done! I’m learning as time goes on but I’ve been doing it all on my own and the more time that passes the less chance of getting some straight answers is lost. If anyone has any more information it would be helpful.

16 02 2014

my 2001 bmw 325 i caught on fire this morning 2/15/2014 after i push in the heater and defroster botton i put the fire out in seconds

26 01 2017
Brandie Macias

blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } Hi Joe! Can you please tell me what happened to your BMW and did you get any resolution from BMW in this case? Do you know how the fire started and originated? Any information will be helpful. Thank you! Brandie 909

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16 02 2014

my bmw 2001 325i with 66238 miles caught on fire this morning 02/15/2014 after i turn on the defroster and heater and i was able to put it out fast so the car didt burn down as bad than other peoples so we might have proof for bmw

31 07 2014
Leon Beyleveld

My 320d also caught alight this morning after I turned on the defroster. My son was sitting in his car seat when this happened, right behind him. We also put out the fire before the car burned down. BMW insisted its not a fault of their’s and that I should claim through my insurance. I will not accept this and I will use this blog as reference to the amount of people this happened to (31/07/2014 – Johannesburg, South Africa)

16 02 2014

my 2001 bmw 325i only 66238 miles on it caught on fire after the defroster and heater turn on ,less than 10 minutes the car was blowing smoke out of the went ,i put the fire out and it can be seen where it started calling a lemon law attorney and maybe a local tv station

30 01 2014
betty wiese

Jan 12, 2014 – my 2001 BMW 330 xi caught fire. I had just driven perhaps 5-8 miles and parked at a residence when saw smoke coming from under the hood on passenger side. Engine was fully involved by the time fire department responded. Department report notes cause undetermined – probable factors mechanical failure, malfunction, other..

16 02 2014

my 2001 bmw 325i with only 66238 original miles caught on fire 2/15/2014 after i turn the defroster and heather on the car i able to put the fire out right away so i left an email to the lemon law firm

24 02 2014
Brandie Baxter

Please let me know what the lemon law lawyer tells you because I haven’t found anyone to take my case yet. I would love to be a part of a class action lawsuit against Bmw! They need to take responsibility! My personal email is

5 05 2014

Same thing with my sister’s car. I believe there was a recall for your car’s auxiliary fan. You should check

3 02 2014
Chuck Coats

Last night , Feb,1, 2014, I left my house in my 2009 BMW 528i.. I drove about 3 miles and noticed the engine had lost power and the check engine light was on. I pulled over on the shoulder of the road, left the engine running and popped the hood while grabbing my flashlight. I am an auto repair shop owner and ASE certified Master Tech.. As soon as I opened the hood I could smell a strong gasoline odor. I ran towards the ignition switch to shut the car off but before I could make it to the door the vehicle went up in flames.. These flames were mostly from the engine compartment but all under the vehicle was on fire almost instantly.. Within a few minutes the car was burning from every part, front, rear and side windows.. It took the fire department about 15 minutes to arrive but the car would likely have been a total loss had the fire department been standing right there. Not sure what caused this, but I suspected a rat may have partially chewed into the fuel line in the engine compartment. After reading a lot of the horror stories I am beginning to suspect something else.
Chuck Coats
Gulfport Mississippi

16 02 2014

hey my 2001 bmw 325i with only 66238 miles on it and caught on fire after i turn on the defroster and heater i able to put the flames out fast so i have proof that is a bmw issue

26 09 2016
Anthony mastropietro

Hey chuck its tony i worked for you my 2008 bme m5 just caught fire sunday from under driver side dash hope all is well with you

4 02 2014
Chuck coats

4 02 2014
Chuck coats

4 02 2014
Chuck coats

4 02 2014
Chuck coats

21 03 2014
Robert Eyford

Here’s how it works. Report the fire to your Insurance company. It is then up to them to go after the manufacturer to try to recover their costs of replacing your vehicle. It is up to your insurance company to hire a fire investigator who specializes in vehicle fires. Some insurance companies hire an investigator for all fires and some don’t cause they just want to process your claim, write you a cheque and get your file off their desk. Manufacturer’s hide behind the warranty when something like this happens. Their normal response is to do nothing, and refuse to pay if the warranty has expired. Most lawyers will agree that after the warranty expires there is no way of being successful in suing the manufacturer. However, if your (or the insurance company’s) fire investigator can show that the cause of the fire was a design fault, then your insurance company may have better luck in court. If you don’t have fire insurance on your vehicle and it burns after the warranty expires, you’re unfortunately pretty much shafted.

Robert Eyford, CFEI, CCFI, CFVI, CFII
Rae-Tech Fire Investigations Ltd.

9 10 2014

Everything this he said is true. I work for a large property and casualty insurance company. If our fire investigator finds the fire was vehicle related…… Majority of the time we successfully collect part or all from the manufacturer, and sometimes the dealer contributes. Rarely we go to trial, most of it is negotiations or arbitration.

15 Year insurance claims specialist

9 10 2014

I should mention, we just recently had a case with a 2007 M5. Our fire investigator determined the fire originated from under the dashboard on the passenger side. Bmw’s fire investigator determined the for originated from the rear seat floor board. Alluding to the client having combustible material on the rear seat floor. We took BMW to arbitration and was awarded 70% market value of the car based on evidence. Of course we had already paid the client 100% market value of the car. We write off the 30% loss. Whom I kidding….we raise premiums for everyone to offset the loss. This whole process with bmw took a hair over two years to collect.

2 04 2014
Steven N.

My car caught fire as I was driving home last night. 2000 BMW 328i. No electrical modifications or sound system. Fire started in the battery compartment and eventually engulfed the car. Not sure what my next step is since I don’t have comprehensive insurance.

16 05 2015

I have a 03 325 that almost caught fire from the battery tray 5/8/15. THIS IS THE PROBLEM, THE METAL BATTERY HOLDER/BRACKET CAME LOOSE AND MADE CONTACT WITH THE POSITIVE POST OF THE BATTERY CAUSING ARCS AND SPARKS. Luckly i heard it before pulling out the drive way and investigated the sounds coming from the truck. Over time the bracket may wiggle loose so i took the bracket off for good…..I thank God i noticed it before it caught fire. ALL OWNERS SHOULD TAKE THAT BRACKET OUT, IT’S A HAZARD!

7 04 2014
Brandie Baxter

If you don’t have full coverage car insurance you are pretty much s.o.l!!! Bmw wont compensate in any way. please report your incident to the National Traffic & Safety so they have a record. I’ve tried getting a lemon law lawyer to start a class action lawsuit with no luck. If anyone has luck with this please let me know.

13 04 2014

I lost my brother in law on 11/04/2014..i hate u bmw!!!

25 04 2014

I feel like my BMW 330ci will catch fire by reading this thread.

1 10 2016
matthew corson

my 330ci caught fire last night. this car has been perfect with no issues until yesterday while driving to the store, my dashboard on drivers side started smoking and within less than 1 min flames were coming out from around steering wheel and headlight switch. just got out in time before inside of car was on fire.. very scary. even more scary cause i dont have full coverage. total loss and this car was perfectly maintained and kept

26 04 2014
Lalinda Hogan

As of April 25, 2014 I no longer own a bmw. Of course mine was older. A 1997 318 ti. About 2 hours before it caught fire it started to overheat at my job. I call my husband and comes to help so we can get the car to the house. Well thank God we never made it out of the parking lot. In a matter if minutes my car was engulfed in flames.

3 05 2014

Today 3rd May 2014 I had just arrived at my partner’s house. I had taken some stuff out of the boot into the house and when I returned to the car minutes later i could smell the smell you get with an electrical fire, I also noticed smoke coming from under the bonnet so I lifted the bonnet to find flames at the rear of the engine compartment on the passenger side. I called for my partner to get me some water but before she could fill the bucket a neighbour ran over with a watering can and i put the fire out. Mine is a now fire damaged BMW 320i (2006)

21 05 2014

21st May 2014 – the same happened with my brand new 1 Series. The car is bearly 1 year old, produced in the beginning of 2013. Fire started spontaneously while I was at work, smoke apparently stated coming out of the bonnet. Needless to say, there was drama with the fire brigade being called in to deal with the fire. They luckily got it under control quickly, breaking the window in the processes to gain access and disable the electricity. It’s at the dealer’s now and luckily in warranty. I am shocked! This is supposed to be a high quality, reliable German machine. I love BMWs but will I ever feel safe in one again?!

28 05 2014

25th May 2014-My 04′ 325i catch fire in the trunk area but had not spread anywhere else. The firemen came out and basically said that it was an electrical fire with heavy smoke damage. Now I’ve filed a claim but the adjuster is making me feel uneasy like I started the fire. I took pictures, got the report even sent to them. First she said it totaled then she said they was going to investigate it, then she went on to say we’re going contact BMW but it’s tens years old & I’m the 4th owner. I understand they’re just dong their jobs…but WTF is this insurance company taking about…how could they treat a customer of 7 year plus this way…I wonder if it would be different if it wasn’t BMW that catch fire?

Has anyone else gone through this their insurance company. I don’t like feeling uneasy over nothing.

9 06 2014

I was a happy owner of 530d from 2004 sine 8th June 2013 till 8th of may 2014 when my car caught a fire in the boot. I have managed to find out that there is still outstanding recall for battery cable cover check. I can’t understand why I’ve never received a letter from BMW regarding an outstanding recall. I have ever contacted with previous owner and he has never received a letter neither. My car is sitting in BMW John Clark Aberdeen. It has been inspected by BMW Service Manager and I have been told that after inspection the fire has been caused by another cable but not faulty component. When I asked to send me the results in writing I’ve been told that there is no expert at BMW to write the report. Is there anyone in UK (Scotland) who can help in this case??

18 06 2014

While driving my 2000 BMW Z-3 today, smoke starting coming out from under the passenger seat. I pulled over and threw water on it so a fire would not start. Got it towed to my BMW dealer where it sits now. Will find out tomorrow what the problem is. I’m really worried after reading all of these comments. Has anyone else had this problem?

18 06 2014

I bought a Pre owned certified 2011 white bmw m3 in September 2013. On April 7, 2014 I was driving home from work and all of a sudden the car shut off and the car started smoking, I quickly got out the car and it caught on fire, luckily the fire department were able to arrive within give minutes. Turns out my insurance was stripped which means I don’t have full coverage yet the car is still under warranty. I have been calling bmw and was told I will receive a call back but I never did. Now I’m really stressed out because I still owe a little over $50,000 on the car. I don’t know what’s going to happen next. I mean there is no reason for a bmw to just catch on fire for no reason. What if my wife and one year old daughter were in the car?!

6 07 2014
carl mitchard

driving home from work Saturday morning myself and my passenger noticed a smell like burning plastic, then a plume of white smoke came from under the bonnet and within seconds my bmw 3 series was engulfed in flames. Luckily I was pulling up to a junction so was easy for us to get out of the car, plus it was 5am so not much traffic on the road. the fire investigation officer said it was an electrical fault, I would greatly appreciate any information anyone may have on this matter.

7 07 2014
Lonya C.

Last Wed, 7/2/14, my 2008 BMW X3 caught fire. My daughter was driving and she was in a drive thru when it happened. Thank God she was fine.
It was serviced at a BMW dealer approximately 2 wks prior to the fire. I’m seriously considering seeking the advice of counsel. My insurance company has me in a rental until the end of the month and so far BMW implied they aren’t aware of any fire issues with their vehicles.

8 07 2014

My 2008 335i caught fire while sitting in the garage (June 22).. My parents were fast asleep, good job i was still up and smelt the smell. I shudder to think what could have happened had I fallen asleep.

20 07 2014

My car didn’t burn – yet – but I noticed something that may help figure out what’s happening. I was changing the daytime running light on my 2007 335i and noticed a number of wires where the vinyl coating had cracked and was falling off. There were a few places with over 2″ of bare copper wiring.

I’m taking the car to the dealer ASAP to see what’s going on.

10 02 2015

Where were the cracked wires? I would like to look for these myself. My car has not started fire yet, but I smell the burning smell and after finding this site I am terrified my car is going to start on fire. My house is above my garage so a fire would be especially devastating…if not fatal.

If you have pictures that would be great! Thanks!

26 07 2015

What happened when you had the wires checked? I was changing out a running light today on my 2007 335i coupe and found split and cracked wires and most of the wire was exposed. My husband freaked & wrapped it with special tape & im calling a repair shop. After reading all these posts I guess I’ll be having them replace the blower FSU too. Does anyone know if the water problem occurs in my model? This is pretty scary stuff!!!

1 10 2016
matthew corson

my fire started in or very close to headlight switch. i feel very confident after a very thorough inspection that fire started at switch.

8 08 2014


I feel like you.
I drove happily from the UK to Paris on Saturday in my beautiful 2003 BMW X5.

Just as I was reversing into my drive, I smellt burning and black (electrical?) smoke billowed from under the bonnet.
I phoned BMW to arrange to get it checked….

The reply (from a French BMW garage), Monsieur, we can’t take your car until the 15th September!


I don’t know which is worse: BMW or France!

11 08 2014


12 08 2014

My BMW did the same thing and spontaneously caught fire going down the highway. Fire started in the trunk from the battery and worked its way up. Anyway, just wondering if you’ve had any luck getting thru to BMW or anything.


19 08 2014

Yesterday my 2009 BMW 135i E88 caught fire after driving it for 3 minutes. Burnt to the ground within 15 minutes. Very scary experience. Bought it 2nd hand from BMW London and it was still under the 12month BMW used car warranty.

They have offered nothing. No good will gesture, no desire to investigate the issue and no courtesy car to use while my insurance company investigates the cause (which they won’t find because the car was so badly burnt).

27 08 2014
lee bennett

my e46 m3 cs burnt out the other day returned to my car to find the dash surrounding the stereo melted in including the stereo but no fire, the seats were black and the smell of electrical fire was awful but the fire must of burnt itself out. come to think of it bit stupid of me to open the door i think the fact the oxygen burnt out the fire went out.but just spoke to vines of Guildford UK
there coming to get my car in the morning hopefully they can bring my car back to life

11 09 2014
David Mendoza

I just had the same problem yesterday I was on my way to work and my BMW 750 LI started to smoke from under the Dashboard and with in 10min car was all in flames. I am so mad I had just bought the car in June 2014. I am still trying to see what my insurance is going to do and also is there anything i can do to try to get BMW to help me with my loss.

4 10 2014
jimmy williams

My BMW 323i engine caught fire while I was driving to work yesterday

8 10 2014
Maryanne Putnam

Last night my son’s 2005 BMW 325xi burst into flames after exiting from a car wash. First smoke started to fill the cabin interior coming through the vents and the defroster. Within second flames poured out into the interior of the car and the rest is history. The car was totally engulfed in flames within a couple minutes and is 100% destroyed. The only thing that didn’t happen was the gas tank exploding. Thank God my son got out of the car immediately and avoided physical harm. His nerves and fear level are now a whole other story…SHELL-SHOCKED…to say the least!!! As I have read the accounts of many others, this is absolutely devastating. We have loved our BMW’s and I currently own a 328i coupe, but I am now petrified to drive it, as some strange burning smells have come from it recently. Dealer fixed gaskets for nearly $1000.00. Something is not right!!!! I am hoping fire investigators will be able to determine the cause of the 325xi blaze which left the car a burned out frame and ashes. We must ban together to generate a class-action suit against BMW. These cars are too expensive for these fires to be dismissed as random occurrences.

15 10 2014

325i caught fire 5 minutes after pulling into church. Entire dash melted seat melted steering wheel airbags popped. Fire marshals said it originated in the electrical inside the dash. If we had been 5 minutes late the entire crew could’ve been In the car myself wife and 3 children. I’m the second owner and kept well up on maint. Very scary indeed.

Truly sounds like BMW has a huge issue on their hands. Can’t find interior fires this prevalently on other makes except BMW.

Got home and was doing a search and found this site . Crazy similar stories . Car turned off starts to burn . Really concerning.

13 11 2014

My 2007 335i caught fire while driving off from my apartment in Puerto Rico. I noticed that the AC blower kinda stopped working, followed by burnt plastic smell… I pulled over as soon as I started seeing smoke coming out of the dash… Next thing I know car catches fire on the glove compartment and so on… Im still waiting for my insurance to get back to me, this seems to be an BMW issue… I was lucky nothing happened to me. Has anyone know is there been some legal action?

14 11 2014

This blog has to be sent to NY Times….Simply unbelievable!
We talk about a media of 50,000 $ cars….Not cheap at all…

20 11 2014
David Valdez

I was takng a 750Li to the shop today for a PPI before signing papers. 5 minutes after starting I smelled smoke, five more minutes and the car was engulfed in flames. Totally crispy.

22 11 2014
Michelle Moore

Hello, this happened to my x5 too can you tell me BMW’s conclusion?

16 03 2017
Mae Jia

Hi, My x5 just got burned this morning and the firefighter told me it’s the wire issue of back of the trunk. How is your insurance company manage this? How dealer did for you?

12 04 2017

Hi My X5 caught fire on 4/6/2017. I parked it at 7:30 pm it caught fire around 3am while parked. the entire front of the car burned up . My insurance company is paying market value. I am going to see a lawyer on Friday

23 11 2014

My husband was driving 6 hours to me, after 3 the glove box started smoking and caught fire while he was driving. He pulled over and got out just in time, within 10 minutes the whole car was engulfed in flames!!! Why isn’t bmw doing anything?! Somethingneeds to be done about this.

23 11 2014

I suffered thus same fate and was very lucky. Immediately I requested a police investigation over the incident and filed the report to new of North America. I sent them records service history and the fire marshal report.

Bmw North America was very concerned and I can’t say much more they were very helpful and made the situation right for myself and my family. To anyone who has had this situation and you have followed all vehicle service and properly maintained your vehicle send your incident to bmw and document everything.
They are taking this seriously and are investigating these issues. They sent out a rep from the east coast to Inspect our car. I have settled and am very pleased at how they handled the situation.

If you are having trouble getting in contact you can pm me here and I would be happy to forward contact information to you.

document , take pictures and get copies of the police reports. Hope this helps anyone who has had a similar issue. Ito very scary as I know how much we all love our BMWs.

Also make sure to bring your car to the dealer annually document any service.

I’ve had another make of car start on fire during driving barely made it out alive actually was burned. That auto manufacturer at the time did nothing wouldn’t respond wouldn’t take any step and 14 years later they’ve finally admitted to an issue and finally settled. Bmw made it right within weeks.

If your an owner of a BMWs and reading this and want a little piece of mind have a battery cut off switch installed below the drivers side seat. I do it in all my cars now not only for piece of mind but a great theft deterant. It doesn’t have to be under the seat it can be in many spots but it should be mandatory as it can and does prevent issues. Especially with modern electronics and computers which can and will malfunction.

30 11 2014
Greg Miller

You reset all of your electronics when you use the cutout switch, radio stations, seat settings, navigation system, etc. much that makes a luxury car a luxury. Running a hot, full amperage battery cable to an easily accessible location in a modern passenger car – that was never designed to have one – is a fire starter, not a fire preventer! Your “solution” is baffling, to say the least.
I am an owner of BMW’s. And many other cars. They should not catch fire spontaneously. It’s a design flaw if they do. The only cars that I have that I put a cutoff switch on are race cars. Installing a cut-off switch should never be done by electrical amateurs anywhere but at the battery with an approved switch. And it never should be necessary in any passenger car without a serious flaw.

22 01 2015

2009 325i just yesterday ( 01/20/2015 ) had a loss in braking strength and within minutes the left, front hood area went into flames, leaving the car completely engulfed in flames = total loss. Please provide me with NA BMW contact information – much appreciated !

13 02 2015

J, thanks for the info. My 2008 X5 caught fire last Friday the 6th, 2015 in NYC. It is under warranty till sept 2015 or 100000 miles. The car was in immaculate condition with 49000 miles on it. I was a fan of Bimmers and still have a soft spot for my lovely X5. Can you please send me the contact details of BMW NA. Did you contact a local dealership too or just BMW NA?. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

10 07 2015

Ron-I’m a NY atty looking to bring a case to recall BMW’s due to defect in blower resistors causing fires. Plz call my cell: 201-926-9200 or email me: w/your specifics & cell no. Thx. Jos. Santoli, Esq.

2 10 2015
John Reyes

BMW caught on fire ,need to know BMW
Is at fault. My home almost nearly on fire . Luckly had barely backup from my garage to the drive way!

28 02 2016

Please let me know your contact.
Not sure how to pm you.
I am robyn lynn 007 at yahoo dot com.


12 05 2017

I am curious to ask what year & model your vehicle was and how they, BMW, settled with you satisfactorily? It seems that so many others have not been so lucky.

3 01 2018

Hey J. yes sir! I really need all the help and information that you would like to share for me to keep a step ahead of BMW!! Thanks,

3 01 2018

Meaning I did almost everything going about calling & leaving messages. I did get like 4 calls from my agent.. I’m just going to be patience and sit back let BMW do their thing!!! I have Faith that everything is going to work out.

3 01 2018
Ellen Richman

As far as I can tell, BMW will take no responsibility for this problem. My babied 2003 x5 is now in heaven and I have no recourse. I own an x3 and a 325xi…both of which I am now afraid of.

1 12 2014

Would anyone be willing to go into a class action lawsuit if we started one? I have read so many of these stories about bmws going up in flames for no reason! Electrical, or whatever the problem, it’s on bmw and they need to pay!!! Last week our bmw caught fire while driving down the freeway! Let’s get a class action lawsuit going, who’s with me?

11 07 2015

Janelle-I’m a class action atty looking into the fires. Plz call my cell: 1-800-279-6996 or email me w/your cell: I have a pending BMW case for water in the electronic modules in the trunk/cargo bay & am investigation fires from the blower motor. Thx. Jos. Santoli, Esq.

2 10 2015
John Reyes

Yes, my home almost caught on fire, flames, BMW at fault for this fire. .
I never had a vehicle that caught on fire!

2 12 2014

Let’s see , car starting on fire or electronics reset. Yeah truly baffling !!

2 12 2014
Greg Miller

My, my aren’t you a little defensive. I would be too if I had spewed the dreck you did. More like wiring up a +200 amp circuit to make sure your car catches on fire. Let me be a little more direct “J”. You. Are. An. Idiot.
Your “safety” suggestion is a crock of crap.
You are a concern troll. You make stuff up to make yourself look important. You can be identified by all the things in your post that have detail, and all the conspicuously absent points. Troll. Go Away. You don’t help.

WARNING TO EVERYBODY ELSE: If you do what “J” suggests you will have violated your warranty, and your insurance, and if anything goes wrong you will never ever get paid by anybody. Trust me on this, if you make an electrical modification to your car, even new speakers – and don’t tell your insurers , and your car catches fire, insurance will not pay. You violate your new car warrenty with the same switch. What a great idea “J”, make sure BMW has to pay nothing by rewiring the car.

Ya, $100,000 car catches fire and you are left holding the bag because you listen to “J”. Baffling is the mild word for your stupidity “J”

Hey, one last thing “J”, using the reply button under the post lets me get an automatic notice that you put some more lies up.

Do you even own a Bimmer? Quick – post your VIN and prove it.

2 12 2014
Greg Miller

One other thing. Over half of the fires cited above happened when the car was being used. Whats your answer then “J”? Save your car by fumbling with the cutoff switch? Idiot.

2 12 2014
Greg Miller

Had to toss one more up because it just points out that you have no idea what you are talking about. “J”, please tell me how its a security feature when you cut off the power to the car, disabling every alarm, Lo-Jack and electric door lock? You know, all the stuff that goes nuts when someone tries to steal your rims, or the whole car with a tow-truck….

Didn’t think about that when you were making stuff up, did you?

4 12 2014

Sunday evening (nov 30th, 2014) My 2008 328i spontaneously caught fire. I heard two large crashes while laying in bed and looked out to my front window to find my car engulfed in flames, we gathered our dogs and ran to safety as we called 911. thankfully the fire department contained the fire just feet before catching our secondary car on fire as well as our home! We are still in shock and going through the necessary steps with insurance when I started researching recalls and found that there seems to be entire communities of people just like myself who have experienced this! How has this not been addressed, and if it has and I am just now becoming aware of these issues due to my recent experience, would anyone care to fill me in on how this has progressed…… have there been successful class action suits? has BMW ever taken responsibility for any of the victims damages? feel free to email me at any and all information would be greatly appreciated!

4 12 2014
robert r. Rose

Any one having electrical fires in there 2003 BMW 5 series? Particular in the engine compartment.

8 12 2014

Update. We got ahold of bmw of North America. They said they would write us a check for $5,000 IF we bought another bmw that was certified. Anyone have them do this?? We got a piece of paper stateing this as well.

15 12 2014

On October 25, 2014, I was driving my 2006 Z4 with ~88,000 miles on it and noticed black smoke coming through the air vents. I pulled over, turned off the car, and exited. Within a few seconds the entire cabin filled with smoke. Flames started under the hood on the driver’s side of the car near the windshield. Within a few minutes the entire car was engulfed. There is literally nothing left except the frame. My husband contacted BMW to let them know about the incident thinking they would want to be aware that a car that had been running absolutely perfectly suddenly burst into flame. Their response: “Sir, what do you hope to get out of this call?” We were rather shocked by their callous response and my husband told them that he just thought they may want to be informed and investigate such a serious event. Apparently not–never heard back from them.

11 02 2015

I had the same car and the same thing happened to me. Only my car was parked and cold. Bmw NA was nasty and lied to me telling me that they have NEVER heard of such a case like mine ever happening before. I hate that we as consumers and are safety are not protected and instead a huge corporation gets away with this case after case. I have read every comment on this blog and it’s sad that a life was taken. I hold Bmw fully accountable! They need to step up and pay up!

15 12 2014

Yes they did this as well and so paid our deductible on the total loss

3 01 2015

My brother was just involved in an electric fire with 1997 328i. He was thankfully able to get out safely with only blisters on his hands. The fire department came and put the fire out and get this-more than 12 hours later after the police towed the car to a lot it caught fire AGAIN and had to our out by the fire department. Has there been any lawsuits? Does this recall address the issue? The 1997 were not included.

5 01 2015
Pearson Owens

My BMW is starting to have the same problem. I’m currently out of the country and a friend borrowed my car. He sent me a message that smoke is coming from under the hood and it smells like burning rubber. I’m planning on taking my car to BMW when I get back home this week. Have you heard anything from BMW about your issue?

16 01 2015
Kate Syssoloff

With my MKX Lincoln, I drove around with jumper cables because the battery always went dead and a bicycle pump because the tires were always going flat… now, it seems.. I have to drive around with a fire extinguisher for my X5. I’ve got a crick in my neck from reading all this… as I smelled raw gas in my hubby’s 3 series Bimmer and no one can detect or guess why. I know there is some kind of exhaust smell with it, too… and, it must be coming from the heater vents but it’s hard to tell. It’s not normal… though, something is wrong. I wish someone had answers.

20 01 2015

On 01-10-2015 about 6:15 pm est. My 2007 BMW 5 series caught on fire just after I pulled into my driveway and cut the car off! Only by the grace of God I barely made it out. 911 told me to get out the house! it burnt my infiniti g35 up a little in the driveway.

The fire dept stated had they gotten there a half second later my house would have went up in flames! I was so traumatized I have never experienced anything like it. it was like a death in my driveway and the smell was like no other. I had to cover it with a tarp so the people would stop slowing down as they drove by.

I am shocked by the number of stories of people this has happened to. I am equally astounded at the responses some have received from BMW NA?? $5000. to go purchase a certified BMW? think about it you take that $5k and go to the dealer they are going to do upcharge for it being certified on a BMW that you will have to finance through BMW finance.. thats a slap in the face.)

If there isn’t one already there should be a Class Lawsuit brought immediately. So many people including myself almost lost their lives or were seriously injured behind these car fires. Even my local fire dept kept hugging me telling how lucky I was that was ok and that had I been on the interstate it could have been fatal because of the wind that night. ( I had just gotten off the interstate)

PLEASE someone respond to this post with more info. WE as BMW owners need to really band together. I’m sorry but This is not okay.

P.S. Check out the internet this past weekend 01-16-2015 this same thing happened to another couple with a 3 week old baby in the back seat. they had a BMW 5 series they have a video of their car in flames it made national news! it gave me chills because it was less than a week later from my car burning up.

God Bless!

7 02 2015

Sorry to hear your story, my 2008 BMW X5 caught fire yesterday in NYC. It has the BMW extended warrantty till Sept 2015. Saw smoke from the hood and immediately pulled to the side and called 911, before the fire trucks arrived the car caught fire. Please let me know if you could help by providing any info that could help me. Thanks

11 02 2015

I have a video of my car in flames as well. I contacted Bmw, the news and lemon law lawyers but nobody cared. It sickens me that BMW gets away with murder.

13 02 2015

My 2008 X5 caught fire last Friday the 6th, 2015 in NYC. It is under warranty till sept 2015 or 100000 miles. The car was in immaculate condition with 49000 miles on it. I Stopped at a traffic light and noticed smoke from under the hood, pulled to the side and shut the engine called 911 and before the fire trucks arrived the car was in flames and its totaled now.

10 07 2015

I apologize if I replied before. I’m a NY class action atty bringing a case for fires due to blower monitor resistor failures. Plz call my cell: 201-926-9200 or email me your cell: Thx. Jos.

20 01 2015

Needless to say we did NOT get another bmw. Not even with them giving us $5000. And that is all they would do, they won’t reimburse us for the $4000 of stuff we lost in the car because of the fire. And we get nothing from them, all they care about is keeping their brand on the road!! I will never own another bmw in my life. I wish someone would start a class action lawsuit! This is happening way to much for it to be coincidence.

20 01 2015

We also have a video of our car going up im flames on the highway! And a ton of pictures. Our car was melted to
The ground. Insane, and to think it could’ve been my 2 year old son and me in the car, and I’m pregnant!! We are so thankful that it was just my husband at the time.

16 03 2015

Rodrigo on March 16, 2015 at 6:28 am
My car just caught on fire today as well due to the battery. It was just replaced at the dealer and while driving down the street the trunk caught on fire. I was luckily able to get out on time. Now my car is totaled and theirs a insurance claim ongoing. 2011 328i 40k miles btw.

9 07 2015

Rodrigo-I’m the atty for a class action for fire/engine failure from water in the electronics in the trunk. Plz call my cell: 1-800-279-6996 or email me your cell: Thx. Jos. Santoli, Esq.

11 07 2015

Janelle-I’m a class action atty looking into the BMW fire problems. Plz call my cell: 1-800-279-6996 or email me your cell no: Thx.

23 01 2015

My 2000 323i caught fire shortly after driving out my parking lot for work. I just come across the bridge when my engine stall and fire starts to come out from the dash.I jump out. It was frightening. I really feel let down by BMW. I get nothing for my car because I bought it cash and have liability insurance. BMW should man up to their error.

1 10 2016
matthew corson

know your feeling jimmy. my 2003 330ci went on fire yesterday. never had any issues with this car and it is well maintained. do not have full coverage and now my beautiful car is nothing but junk

30 01 2015

hi,i have a bmw it smell gasoline specialy during summer .Smell is too strong that make driving inpossible.I check every thing ,at last i find out that bmw has this problem with gasoline .Some type of gasoline no difference high quality or low.There is no solution.

14 07 2015
Robert Eyford

sounds like you may have a fuel leak. Get this checked before it catches fire.

30 01 2015

It doesn’t have to do with the gasoline. Most of the fires that were started were in the glove box, and for no reason. Bmw has something wrong with their wiring

7 02 2015

I am very disapointed after getn one fa xmas buy I will not park near my crib anymore. ……dis need to be publiclize

7 02 2015

My 2008 BMW X5 caught fire yesterday. I have the 7 years BMW extended warranty valid till Sept 2015. Appreciate if anyone could advise if I could put a claim against BMW and is it worth to do that. Thanks

16 03 2015

My car just caught on fire today as well due to the battery. It was just replaced at the dealer and while driving down the street the trunk caught on fire. I was luckily able to get out on time. Now my car is totaled and theirs a insurance claim ongoing.

16 03 2015

2011 328i btw 40k miles.

16 03 2015

My car just caught on fire today as well due to the battery. It was just replaced at the dealer and while driving down the street the trunk caught on fire. I was luckily able to get out on time. Now my car is totaled and theirs a insurance claim ongoing.

16 03 2015

My car caught fire parked on the street last night at 11:30 am. Same thing – fire in the glove box. Alarm went off, neighbors saw smoke and called
The fire department who extinguished the fire. I’ve never heard of a parked car with the engine off catching fire like this. I just hope it’s not totaled.

24 03 2015
Kerry S

My 99 BMW 323i burst into flames this past weekend when I pulled into my driveway and shut off the engine. There was a loud “snap”, immedietly followed by large flames coming from under the hood. I was so shocked I probably too 5-10 seconds to process what was going on! Within 10 minutes my once clean, low mileage, silver 300 series was melted into my driveway. Unfortunate for me that my insurance will likely offer only $2k or less. I’m going to report this on the NHTSA site, as well. -Kerry

25 03 2015

im so sorry to hear about your car. The “snap” sound you heard is the same sound I heard before my car melted into the ground. I’m literally just waiting for someone to have a somewhat intact car where we can prove where the fire originated and the cause of the fire. Unfortunately that is what it will take to open a class action lawsuit against BMW. Please report to NHSAT. Maybe someday we will be heard.

8 08 2015
Teresa Strey

My wife’s 2003 530i just almost had an electrical fire while sitting in our driveway. We were watching TV with the front house door open and I smelled smoke outside . I went outside and saw some lights on in the car and interior filled with smoke. I opened the driver door and didn’t notice any flames, and didn’t hear fans running or anything. I figured it must be electrical so I immediately disconnected the battery. After some of the smoke cleared out I held my breath and looked around inside a little. I noticed one of the panels under the dash was partially melted and hot. It was dark, and the car was too smokey to do anything, so I got my laptop out to try and find out what was down there that could have caused it. The first link I clicked on was this blog. I browsed through it and saw some comments asking for people this happening to a car that didn’t catch fire and burn up.

Oh I forgot to mention that she got home around 5:00 PM and we noticed the smoke smell somewhere around 10:00 PM, so the car had been sitting in our driveway for around 5 hours before going up in smoke.

The insurance company is coming out tomorrow. We didn’t get a police report because it didn’t burn up.

25 03 2015

Brandie, thanks for the update regarding the sound we both heard before the large fire! I will report this to NHSAT this week. Kerry

30 03 2015

Thought I would add my two cents here as well. My husband has a 2008 535i that caught on fire this past weekend. We drove 15 or so to a restaurant, were inside the restaurant with the car parked out front for about 2 hours. Left the restaurant, turned on the car, made a u-turn, drove about half a block, when smoke started coming out from behind the dashboard on the drivers side (where the windshield meets the dashboard). We pulled over and both jumped out of the car, leaving both doors open so the smoke could escape. The smoke got thicker and more and more came out over the next several minutes. My husband was trying to disconnect the battery in the trunk but was unable to before the car burst into flames in the interior of the car. A friend had ran back into the restaurant and got a fire extinguisher, so they were able to put out the fire pretty quickly. Fire department showed up but by that time the fire was already out and there wasn’t anything for them to do. We had it towed to an auto body shop owned by an acquaintance of my husband. We only had liability insurance on the car (because of some legal issues a few years ago we had SR-22 insurance), and although it was paid off, we’re probably looking at total loss since we don’t have full insurance coverage. Does anyone have any recent experience in dealing with BMW of North America over this type of issue? My husband is a loyal BMW customer, this is his 4th car from them, and he also has as several BMW motorcycles, and I also have a BMW of my own. I feel like brand loyalty should be worth something, but after reading all of these stories here I’m worried that we’ll be out of luck. If you have any info that might help us please email me


6 04 2015
ben turner

This just happened to my 320d got a lot to read through by the looks of it. 2005 se model of anyone has any advice
thanks in advance

14 04 2015

Hello All. I own a 2005 525i BMW. On Saturday April 11th, 2015. I was driving to the gym, when suddenly my car filled with smoke. Luckily I was near my mechanic. At first we could figure out where the smoke came from, we searched the trunk area and found out water somehow got into the trunk and settled in the tire well causing a electronic module to catch fire. Mechanic informed my damage was to extensive, recommended I contact my insurance company. It may be covered. I hear there’s a class action lawsuit in reference to this problem. If anyone has that information please forward it to me.

8 07 2015

I’m the atty handling the water in electronics class action. Plz call my cell: 1-800-279-6996 or email me w/your cell: Thx.

18 04 2015
Walter Hill

Hello. I too had a similar problem. Saturday April 11th, 2015, while driving my 2005 525i BMW I noticed smoke coming from the trunk area. Upon investigation I found water somehow go into the wheel well causing one of the electrical components to catch fire. I contacted my insurance company and BMW. Waiting for response.

8 07 2015

Walter-I’m the atty handling the water in electronics class action. Plz email me: w/your cell or call my cell: 1-800-279-6996. Thx. Jos. Santoli, Esq.

19 04 2015

On April 11th, 2015, I was on my way to work driving my 2002 745i (which has about 135K miles on it). My radio started putting out bad sound quality, then quit altogether, & I smelled a burning wire smell so strong that I rolled down both front windows & looked for flames coming out of the trunk. Turns out, trunk area apparently wasn’t the problem. Was evidently in the dash. I still don’t know which stereo-related component is to blame, but my car (I guess sadly, as I have full coverage insurance) did NOT catch fully on fire. We love this car, but electrical components do NOT have to engulf a vehicle in flames when they die. It just doesn’t have to be that (this) way !

21 04 2015

Drove about 5 miles to grab lunch during work yesterday when I saw smoke and parked in a parking lot. Considered opening the hood because I thought the engine was overheating until I got out of my car then saw black smoke followed by flames. Car’s totaled. 2008 328i with 67K miles, well maintained. Fire started on the passenger side of the engine and a police officer came and tried a fire extinguisher which slowed it but the entire front half of my car is burnt to a crisp. Really sad about my car but fortunately there was no damage to any other property and no one was injured.

After reading everyone else’s experiences, I doubt BMW will take any sort of responsibility. I really feel for those that have had fires start in unfortunate places (in your own garage!) or while still in the car.. that’s horrifying!

25 04 2015
fenner c

I’ll add to the long list of BMW fire reports. I bought a used 525i from a private seller with 161k miles two weeks ago, well maintained from BMW dealership. The fire occurred on April 24th 2015. I parked at 6pm, heavy rain for about an hour at 7pm, caught fire at 2am. Still waiting to hear from fire inspector, but I think I know what they will find.

16 05 2015

agrees with you

8 07 2015

Fenner-I’m the atty handling the water in electronics class action. Plz call my cell: 1-800-279-6996 or email me w/your cell: Thx. Jos. Santoli, Esq.

9 07 2015

Fenner-I’m the atty handling the water in trunk electronics fire class action. Plz call my cell: 1-800-279-6996 or email me your cell: Thx. Jos. Santoli, Esq.

26 01 2017
Brandie Macias

blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } Were you driving at the time or was it parked? What was the end resolution?

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30 04 2015

I am so thankful for sites like yours. Without communicating with everyone else that has had a problem with their BMW, I would think mine was the only one. Yesterday the cargo area of my 2013 X3 went up in flames. Thankfully my husband and I had driven to work and parked the car, so when someone spotted the flames we had a fire extinguisher ready. Now, after hearing how BMW ignores the issues, I wish it had been totaled because I think we have a long siege ahead of us with this car company. Our car is a lease, terminates in 7 months, and I don’t think I’ll be able to get out of the lease easily if at all. I’ve done a search on the Internet and 1600 X3s have reported fires. Ours was the battery cable which sits near the gas tank. We could have blown the car and taken others parked near with it. I read that BMW knew about the issue since 2007 and was fined by the National Transportation Safety Board a few million $$$. They still haven’t issued a recall because a few million is nothing to them. They are waiting for someone to be killed.

We got very lucky. We are alive and the car was not parked with our dogs in it, or parked in the garage of our house. We have contacted a lawyer and if BMW doesn’t let us out of the lease, we are going to demonstrate outside the dealership. Anyone live near Middletown Rhode Island?

15 05 2015

Hi there im in Ireland my BMW e46 coupe went up on fire. I had the back window heater on then got smell of smoke and was after causing a fire on the back drivers side just under back shelf. I believe there must be a problem with bmws with this problem. I also just received a letter from bmw today a recall notice about the airbags and will be done free of charge. I believe there is also a wiring issue as the amount of people this has happened to. Lucky i wasn’t blow up

15 05 2015

Sorry to hear about another issue regarding power cables/battery cables being the culprit. Sadly you’ll spend more money on legal fees than your lease is worth. I know 10 bmw owners personally and now 4 of those 10 have had fires all similar. Two were leases and the other two were financers. Bmws pockets run deep and they are doing there best to keep this matter quiet. Everyone I know has given up on the legal route you’ll spend more than the car is worth sadly. If insurance fixes the car bmw will not let you out of the lease. As far as they are concerned once th car is fixed to them there no risk of fire. We’ll know otherwise.

Best bet is top report the matter to the state and fed dot along with everyone else who has done the same. Keep the word out!!!!

16 05 2015

your problem is exactly what i am experienced 2 weeks ago and recorded it on cctv… so far no news from bmw germany and asking me to deal with the insurance as the warranty expired a month before the incidence.

16 05 2015

On May 15 , 2015 my bmw 550i just self ignited & caught the fire in my driveway in Edmond , Oklahoma
Initially there was smoke coming under the hood & than it caught fire the Engine .It’s total loss . Just imagine what would have been happen if it was in my garage .

18 05 2015

I am an attorney and am investigating a case for a client of mine whose 2008 X3 started on fire and caused substantial damage. I am interested in learning from those who have suffered similar incidents about their experiences and whether they have notified BMW of the problem. If you are willing to share your experience, please feel free to contact me at

18 05 2015

Its been known that BMW has had ground wiring issues in the tail lights. The entire wiring mechanism burns out and melts therefore causing a grounding issue. I found this out a couple of years ago when my 2004 325i was in a parking lot. I came out in the morning and all of my lights were flashing. No alarms were going off just flashing lights. It does this when I lock all the doors. Since then I replaced the drivers side tail light harness and I have to leave the drivers door unlocked. Since reading all of these horor stories about erupting fires, I’m thinking about selling it now.

22 05 2015

Last week Tuesday, 12 May 2015, I drove to OR Tambo Airport to collect my parents as they had returned from Cape Town. Just as we had loaded their luggage into the boot of the car and all climbed into the vehicle, we noticed a electrical burning smell and smoke in the car. I immediately switched off the car and we unloaded everything. The car onboard computer started to show alarms and after a while, I started the car. There was a Restraint Error that displayed, warning that all safety features on the vehicle were not operational, and that caution should be taken while driving in this state. I slowly drove home. The following day, I stopped at Club Motors, Randburg for assistance, they would not help me as they were full for a week …… ?
The chap on duty told me to drive with caution ?!

I stopped at Bosch the next day and they attempted to diagnose the error.
They told me the problem was bad.

Today, 22 May 2015, I decided to have a look at how bad the problem was. When I looked under the seat, I got a huge shock .. the wiring was excessively burnt.

I have followed the wiring to try find the source, and it led straight to the Cartrack unit that was installed on the main wiring harness of the car.

As far as I know this is in clear violation of the vehicle manufacturers, as it can cause massive damage to cars with advanced electronics.

The damage is so severe, that wires are melted together, and errors are consistently occurring on the onboard computer.

Tonight, 22 May 2015, I contacted both King Price (Customer Care), and Cartrack (Emergency Number – Contact: Thumelo) for immediate assistance, that was at around 7:30pm … I am still waiting for someone to call me back, and it’s after 9:30pm.

I insisted on help from Cartrack, and they told me that this was not an emergency ?????

I am overwhelmed with confusion, as neither have shown any concern for this, and the car can burn at any time !!!! What about service …. where is it exactly ?????

I hope that this letter finds it’s way to the highest possible level of management, and that steps are taken to correct this HUGE and terrible situation immediately. I also trust that steps will be taken to improve the way in which PAYING customers are treated, as I feel as if their purpose in representing the company was pointless and absolutely disgusting.

I expect Cartrack to pay for all necessary repairs that are required, even if BMW insist on a completely new wiring harness. This cost will be ridiculous !!!!!

17 02 2016

I have noticed the same on Board error on my BMW 545 e60 as well, but my own started by switching off while driving, and one day I just decided to open the battery compartment and I realised that the battery in the car was not the normal battery size for my car, so the mechanic suggested that I should buy a bigger one suitable for the car, because this current one might be shaking while driving since it doesn’t fit well and be causing electrical disconnections somehow. I went to Autozone to buy a bigger battery and fitted it in, and the same day I drove to Giyane my home town, and the car was behaving very well nothing happened all along the way and even spent 4days at home driving the car with my friends, and I even drove it back to Jozi. One Sunday I drove to a club, and as I was sitting in the club I met a lady friend there, and we decided to go and chill outside, I turned on the car to play music, then the car turned on very well, but along the process as we were chatting the car just went blank. I went to the battery compartment to disconnect the power cable and connect it again then the car came on, I emmidiatly drove to my house and park the car, and collect my other car to go back to the club, then the following day I drove it to mechanic, and he observed that my power cable had a loose contact, then he worked on it, and it has not been giving problems again, and I also reported the problem to the dealer where I bought it he just told me to get the power cable checked, because the car can caught fire if I don’t get it checked, and at the same time I have noticed that as I drive the car, the power cable becomes to hot and I don’t know if is normal for it to be like that, anybody with better info please help because I am thinking of taking this car back to the dealer before it caught fire on me, the car is parked now since I travelled for business, but before I left I disconnected the battery terminal.

28 05 2015

This is seriously disturbing,
In August of 2013 my 2001 330 Ci Convertible started fire while I was driving. Luckily i was in traffic, at crawl speed, was able to stop and get out in time.
The fire started somewhere under the dash, flames first came out from around the drivers side vent area.

Today, as im driving my 2002 M3 convertible to work, the blower fan comes on on high – all on its own. I also ( being sensitive to such for obvious reason) noticed burning cable smell coming from vents. I got completely paralyzed thinking the thing is catching fire too. Stopped, the fan kept running on high even after i turned the car.
The smell seemed to have tapered off so I drove to work, disconnected the neg lead on the battery.

There has to be some guru out there who came down with some resolution or explanation to all of this ? We obviously know BMW is useless,
I am now concerned about even parking it inside the garage.

4 06 2015
4 06 2015

“This can result in the electrical system malfunctioning, the vehicle failing to start and, in some cases, to charring or fire,” the company said, adding it was not aware of any accidents or injuries to people due to the problem.

Fewer than 1 percent of the cars BMW has so far inspected for the issue have exhibited the problem, a BMW spokesman said. So far, the spokesman said, there have been no reports of fires.

4 06 2015
6 06 2015

My BMW 361ti caught on fire whilst driving on 8/5/2015 . my car was in perfect condition, only 84000 on the clock and was my pride and joy. Whilst driving home with my son and his girlfriend from the airport, I saw a light come up on my dash informing me that the left light was out, as I looked over the bonnet I noticed smoke coming from the gaps in the bonnet, I quickly cleared the roundabout and pulled straight over, switched off the engine and jumped out of the car. The engine was in flame’s. Within minutes it was like a massive bonfire. Lucky to be alive as I didn’t take the motorway as my satnav was instructing me to.

8 06 2015
John halliday

Exactly the same as mine! Just am caught fire today at 1:30 am! 66000 miles my pride and joy 316ti …. Spontaneously catches fire I’m devastated and no ones going to pay out I bet! I’m sure the insurance are going to screw me 😦

8 06 2015

Hi guys what damages can an electrical fan for a bmw cos to my cause it runs none stop.

13 06 2015

Stop Driving immediately, and replace FSU ( final stage unit – it controls the fan speed )
It is known to fail, and in many cases start fires under the dashboard

10 07 2015

Peter-I’m a class action atty looking into FSU/Blower Motor Resistor failures. Plz call my cell: 1-800-279-6996 so we can compare notes. Thx. Jos. Santoli, Esq.

13 06 2015

On May 29th, 2015 at 10pm while watching tv I heard the alarm on a car go off. I was horrified when I looked out the window to find my 2003 325xi on fire. It hadn’t been driven for 10 hours. The inspector confirmed it to be an electrical fire on the drivers side. It is salvage. An offer for $1500 on a certified bmw from a dealer is not acceptable as the cheapest one we can find is nearly $20,000 besides the obvious fear of purchasing another fire hazard. There are so many other bmw electrical fires, is bmw waited for a fatality?

14 06 2015
Michelle moore

Hi this happened to my car could you please tell me if BMW took responsibility? Regards Michelle

24 06 2015
Douglas Kuria

Hi, last night on 23rd June 2015, I was driving on the Thika Super highway in Nairobi, Kenya when my BMW X6 2008 diesel started emitting a lot of smoke from beneath the car. Other travelers signaled me to stop and that my car was on fire. I was slow to react because there was no warning on the clock. I slowed down and all of a sudden smoke filled the whole car. The two passenger at the back jumped out as I and the co-driver were stuck in our seats for over 2 minutes. I popped the bonnet and noticed that the fire was coming from the rear end of the engine. i took my extinguisher but the flames were too hot. It took exactly 12 minutes for the whole car to be engulfed in flames. I could only salvage my laptop and a few more things in my trunk.

This is the most shocking experience. I almost faced my death, first by my car bursting in to flames without any warning, then being stuck in my seat inside a smoke filled cabin.

My car had no mechanical faults. Always serviced regularly. My BMW technician told me that my Diesel Particulate Filter(DPF) has caused the fire or an an electrical fault. This was news to me because the only electrical fault my car had ever had was the radio system not working and had been fixed over 3 months ago.

BMW how comes our ultimate driving Machines are going up on flames.

We need answers or we can never buy them again.

12 07 2015

Hi Douglas, am sorry about your car. Did you contact BMW or did your insurance sort it out ?

19 07 2015
Douglas Kuria

Hi Betty, I’ve been trying to contact BMW and I’m getting no answers. Is there a way you can help?

3 07 2015
8 07 2015

I am handling the class action for electronic module fires & vehicle failure due to water in trunk/electronics. Plz contact me at or call 1-800-279-6996. Jos. Santoli, Esq.

10 07 2015

I am also investigating the FSU (Final Stage Unit) failures leading to fires. Does anyone know if BMW has done a recall yet for this problem? Plz call my cell: 1-800-279-6997 if you’ve had a dash fire or email me w/your cell: Thx. Jos. Santoli, Esq.

10 07 2015

Sorry, cell no is 1-800-279-6996.

21 07 2015

My boyfriends 2011 BMW randomly caught on fire today in a Starbucks parking lot also catching another car on fire. The car started smoking out the air vents and it eventually caught the entire car on fire, even though the engine was turned off. We are worried about the situation and eager to know what possibly could have been the cause.

31 07 2015

I’m an atty investigating vent fires. Plz call my cell: 1-800-279-6996. Thx. Jos. Santoli, Esq.

11 08 2015
Irene Gallegos

2008 328I caught fire parked in my driveway 8/2 at 5pm. I am battle with Allstate insurance company and now BMW NA. It’s currently at the dealer in which BMW NA will have an engineer inspect it with Allstate present too see why and what happened. I purchased this car as a certified never had any mechanical issues just your normal maint. Very disappointed since my 18yr old had been driving this car off & on along with my 13yr old. I really believed in this company and its cars but now I’m fearful and think they should be held 100% responsible. Hoping for the best but expect the worst.

13 08 2015

I’m an atty working to investigate & stop these fires. Plz call my cell: 1-800-279-6996. No obligation. Thx. Jos. Santoli, Esq.

18 08 2015

I am worried as this is not for the 1st time to hear,now i ask myself to buy this risky car again,hard to decide bt every one will take his decision

18 08 2015

This car seems to be a problem,like it switch of while driving,this car has a lot of problem especially when become old,so be careful maybe not to buy the madala car

25 08 2015
Taggart Ryan

My 2000 323i randomly caught fire this morning around 7 a.m. after being parked at 10 p.m. the previous evening. The fire started somewhere near the front driver side headlight. Luckily I smelled the fire and took a garden hose to it while the fire dept came. The entire front end of the car melted off by the time the fire was out. Luckily the garage didn’t catch fire and only a few items were destroyed. The house could have easily burned down.

16 09 2015
WC 2008 328xi

Wife’s 2008 328xi sedan (73,000 miles and well-maintained) had small fire the other day which fortunately did not become fully engulfed. Typical of many stories here, she drove to work the other morning (about 15 minutes) and had heat on as it was a cool morning here in northern NJ. Came outside a few hours later to come home and noticed fan was blowing air through vents in the dash. She thought maybe there was a problem with the “Rest” button that was causing the fan to blow so she started the car and shut it off again in hopes of the system re-setting itself, which of course it didn’t. She then smelled burning and just got out and called for it to be towed. What was discovered was the aluminum housing on the Blower Motor Resistor had actually caught fire, becoming molten, and then dripped down into the passenger side footwell causing a burn hole through her floor mat and then through the carpet. Fortunately it did not progress from there and seemed to have burned itself out. Our mechanic, who specializes in BMW, said we were very lucky and that the fire burned the Blower Fan Motor itself as well as the Resistor and further said eventually BMW is going to have to address this as failed Resistors are quite common. He gave me the burned parts and recommended I call BMW to at least register the fire with them. Again, we were fortunate not to lose the whole car but concerning nonetheless.

17 09 2015

Just yesterday 9/16/15 a 2015 bmw caught fire on the street where I work. The car was so badly burned I could not tell what series it was. Her story is similar to others on this site- smelled smoke, car lost power, barely got out when flames started. Fire started in the engine compartment. I have an X5 and was thinking about buying a 3 series convertible. Now I’m a little shaken up to even drive my x5 and won’t be considering any future BMWs until the company resolved this issue.

25 09 2015

My 2011 BMW 528 Caught fire on 7/27/15 while being parked inside my garage beside another car. I drove the car that day from 8:30pm-9:00pm and parked it in the garage for the night. I just purchased the car in Feb from Car Max. I reached out to BMW, being that they had serviced it last, in hopes that they would assume responsibility for it, but they didn’t. My son sustained 2nd degree burns from trying to help me put the fire out. The vehicle parked beside it was burned, too, and so was my home. I’m furious because the car caught fire around 1:00 am, which was 4 hrs after it was last driven. If it had not been for my son and his late nights, we would’ve all blown up in that house because both vehicles had a full tank of gas, and the smoke wasn’t coming in the house quick enough to set off the alarms. He has dosed off down stairs and woke up smelling smoke. When he opened the garge door he saw smoke and fire. By him opening the door, that allowed the smoke to back into the house, setting off the alarms, awakening me. I managed to put out the flames before the fire department arrived, but I have never been so afraid in my life. And the thoughts of “If” still continues to taunt me at night. BMW just sent me a letter relinquishing all responsibility. I am beyond furious right now. Good Luck to each of you.

29 09 2015
Bob Freney

Our 2002 530i caught fire while sitting in traffic last week, 9/24/15. My son was driving it, when traffic backed up. The car just spontaneously caught fire and he and his friend struggle to get out of the car, as the windows and door locks stopped working. Sounds like an electrical fire. The entire front half of the car is melted. It is a total loss. The car had a lot of miles but was in great shape. I had replaced the gaskets a couple years ago, replaced most of the hoses associated with the oil system, rebuild the VANOS unit, etc. It took a couple years, but all the leaks were finally sealed up and the thing burst into flames.

4 10 2015

I would most definitely go Ito a class action lawsuit. Email me if you are going to pursue it further.

5 10 2015
Jesse steele

Hi my 2000 328i caught on fire in my driveway a couple nights ago. A hour after being parked the car caught on fire. It was raining out and I quickly put the fire out but it was to late everything under the hood is gone. I would like to know if BMW has done anything about this since all I had on the car was liability. If any one has any info please email me at I would contact a attorney but as it is I cant afford that option. Thanks

10 10 2015


I wonder if anybody know how the wiring of battery of bmw works ? i may be have backwarded car in technology. i used to work as battery and car service in a car workshop.. but after over 10 years not involve in car field.. my wife’s 2004 bmw 116i (old little bmw) has had battery flat problem.. and i can’t find the battery to replace it.. because the workshop technician said my battery is not any battery in the market can substitute. i must go to bmw house to get the original battery.. other battery won’t work, because the electrical circuit inside won’t recognise any other battery except for the original battery..
is there such rediculous things ? why on earth they create such a ridiculous sytem ? anybody know how to by pass it and use just normal battery in the market. i am that rich to that extend that willing to give bmw (who think have the power controling all their car owners out there.. all money have to go to them). i don’t like to be control by them and i don’t listen blindly to the technician’s advice..

I believe BMW has problems with their electrical design. many a time i realize the car is making something that i never expect a shut downed car will do.
one time the head light is turned on, and no way to turn off.. even when the car is switched off.. i have restart the engine and turn it off again to reset the problem.

last night the bmw was keep switching the car air vent (sounds like jammed vent), but it keeps moving and moving… i believe such a “thing” drains my battery…

if anybody have the wiring diagram of bmw 116i battery, pls share with me.

email me pls ..


25 10 2015

My bmw325i coupe caugh fire the fire was at the wires near to engine I was with my family and suddenly I notice smoke and opened the hood and there was fire on the wire very next to the engine this cannot happen with a bmw like this I am scared to drive now

13 11 2015
Karen Hamilton Silvestri

My BMW caught fire and burned to a crisp for no discernible reason. BMW claims this is not their problem and then sent me a letter offering me $4000 off the purchase of a new BMW. They say this letter is a “good customer reward” and has nothing to do with me asking them for help after their car blew up in my driveway. When I asked them to just send me the $3500 I still owe on the car (after the insurance paid off most of it), they tell me they can’t do that. Now, shouldn’t a car manufacturer take responsibility of some sort when their vehicles have the nasty tendency of spontaneously combusting?

18 11 2015

I have 2008 3 series BMW , I live in UK . Today I drove my car into a hospital car park, I could smell as if electric wire was burning . I looked around in the car but everything looked fine, then did a quick computer check & it reported ” ok” . I was just about to park it in the parking bay when I realised smoke over my left shoulder coming from behind. I immediately stopped my car , looked backwards, rear of the car cabin was full of smoke with further smoke coming out from just behind the Right end of the rear passenger seat. I was shocked , had my fuel tank filled just last night, the thought of my car being on fire with nearly full fuel tank was horrible. Moreover it was a hospital car park , people coming in to park their cars. I opened the boot , there was very strong smell of burning but no visible flames. I called 999 immediately and started to scream requesting the people to move their cars away who were trying to park their cars near my car. Firemen came fairly quickly, they immediately disconnected my car battery which is in the boot of the car and removed the rear seat. They could not find any obvious fire but still advised that the battery should be kept disconnected as no other obvious electrical source of fire or short circuiting on the rear side of the car. My car will be going to a garage in the morning, hopefully will have some answer to this terrible experience.

I am not going to sit in this car again and NOT going to buy BMW again , sad but true

28 11 2015
Deb (Kepi) Small

Sorry to hear this – it could have been worse. My 325i is a total loss due to trunk/battery/wiring fire. The gas tank didn’t explode thanks to my neighbors fire extinguishers and the fire dept. quick response.

17 02 2016

The positive battery terminal is the problem, I have a 545i the terminal can get hot while m driving, so I think is the main cause of the problem, because as it get hot over and over gain it start melting up to a point where it will start burning.

28 11 2015
Deb (Kepi) Small

I have a 2002 325i that just caught on fire last night. After a short trip to the store I came home, parked it and about an hour later it was in flames. The trunk wiring and battery area as well as the entire outer area of the car is melted and charred! I’m in shock of course but want to do something – anything to alert other BMW owners what CAN happen – out of the blue, for no apparent reason. Heartbreaking!

28 11 2015

Really sorry to hear your loss. My car is still with BMW , they have changed battery , also charged me extra money to stripp off whole trunk to check wiring . They called me that car is fixed . I got there and though they have given me a big bill of £1182.00 but still smell of burning wire is coming from the trunk just after driving for 5 to 6 km. I Refused to bring my car back and they agreed that they will further look into it . They are refusing to give me in writing that my car is safe to drive claiming that there receipt for the job they have done is good enough to say that.
Its strange , they showed me my old car battery which was burnt ( it was from Halford) but during whole incidence no light came up on the dash and the computer check I did during that was “OK”. They can’t give me the reason that why battery burnt and they still can’t explain why I am getting smell of electric wire burning in my trunk ONLY after driving my car which disappears in 10 to 15 minutes of switching off the car.
Really disappointed in “BMW” and their “SERVICE “

1 12 2015
Lucas McDivitt

I am a new BMW owner. I got a 2015 535i and have problems that made me regret that I got a Beamer. Just recently I came down to the garage and start up the car and smell electrical burn and as I was driving away a message said “Power drained while stopped. Shut off engine and restart. Take your vehicle to the nearest BMW service center.”

I called my dealership and left a message with my sales representative. I also called BMW Customers Relations Office 800-831-1117 and I was greeted by a gentleman who already knows my vehicle model based on my phone number. I told him to open a complaint report with the exact message for the record. I also asked him to add to the complaint that when I turned on HEATER, but the AC turned on also and the AC button lighted up. I also told him that my mechanic who has been working on my Porsche and Mercedes told me that most of the BMW came to his shop have “electrical problems” and he thinks that BMW installed a power management module in the vehicle that short-circuit the wire cluster between the Positive and Negative wires when parked, but he could not find the device. I also told him that with the recent cheat by Volkswagen on the emission control, I would not doubt that BMW installed a device to short-circuit the wire cluster and cause electrical failures or burn your car so you have to buy a new BMW.

I called the dealership and talked with a service desk and was offered a loaner car and given an appointment to diagnose the problem.

12 12 2015
Visionary Bureau

at Visionary Bureau: We would love to hear from you, enjoyed your website.

16 12 2015

My 2004 325i burnt up from under the dash yesterday. Just found this site so thought I would post it. I am 2 second owner and car only had 96k miles on it.
Just put new tires on the thing too. Just so sad that German engineering isn’t up to par anymore. None of the American cars I have owned spontaneously burst into flames.

18 12 2015

My 2002 525i caught on fire yesterday. I was sitting at a stop sign about 1/2 mile from home and it started smelling. It started smoking as I drove home. Thankfully I was smart enough to not pull in the driveway and not into the garage. Neighbors outside saw the smoke suddenly get bigger. My daughter and I got out and it was all flames under the hood. Merry Christmas. Ugh. I cannot afford a new car right now, but forced to deal with this. We own 2 BMWs, but not doing this again. Very lucky the neighbors put out the fire before the entire engine went up.

15 01 2016
Jack Weins

Interesting, I appreciate with your reasoning

20 01 2016
Darien Zayne

Soooo glad I found this site. I thought I was the only one until I saw all your guys’ stories.. My 2004 325i just burst into flames about 10 days ago on my way to work.. Now my baby is totaled, after only SIX MONTHS of having her! I couldn’t believe it, I still don’t. I guess it was an electric fire from the battery in the trunk.. Which just so happens to be right by the f’n gas tank.. I’m surprised the entire car didn’t blow up! Oh yeah, and the worst part is I only had liability insurance (like an idiot, i know.. I’m just tight on money) so my insurance company isn’t covering one cent.. Talk about unlucky. Is there anything I can do to get BMW to pay for this? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

20 01 2016

This goes to every i had the same problem and the issue of bmws burning is caused by the battery bmws only use bosch batteries and the battery has fo be registered to the car dont get one from AutoZone

2 02 2016
Kimberly Kennedy

Our X5 2003 69,000 miles burst into flames on the engine for no reason. My husband was driving the back road to work. People were driving past him yelling fire. He got out and there was smoke coming out the bottom of the engine, then the fire took off with the engine turning the top of the hood into cinder. This was in 2015. We took very great care of our car. This was a shock to us. But It made me look this type of thing up. I found a number of others with this BMW had a similar occurrence, but a few years earlier. I think that was because we had low miles.

10 02 2016

10 FEB 2016 my 2000 528i just caught fire started in the front drivers side engine compartment electrical total loss FUCK BMW POS

13 02 2016
Dom abramovic

I bought a 2009 Bmw 335d from a piece of shit used car place in mississauga ontario Canada called ‘Leon’s fine cars’. Around christmas time. After 2 weeks the check engine light turned on. I went within 30 days to have the car fixed they said it wasn’t a safety issue.on feb 11 2016 my car caught on fire while on the highway. I called Bmw north America they said there’s nothing they can do. Like screw the average joe. Who is out there to help out when we get screwed over ?

16 02 2016

I have a 2011 BMW X5 having the same problem, lots of smoke coming from the engine compartment, called the dealer about a recall on the water pump that shows the same smoking simpthoms, they said not to worry , I don’t think that would have anything to do with the water pump, I’ll make an appointment for you.

18 02 2016

There are two kinds of batteries BMW uses – standard and AGM (Advanced Glass Mat, like Optima, Odyssey, and Kinetic).

The white ones are standard, the black ones are AGM.

Each type of battery has a “charging map” that BMW has created from research. This changes the characteristics of the alternator’s output depending on how long the battery has been in the vehicle. This “timer” is what starts when you register the new battery. There are also different maps for batteries of different amp/hour capacities.


The car can only hold one “map” at a time. If you have a standard battery (which my car came with) and you upgrade to an AGM battery (which is what I did), then the registration process is NOT sufficient. Your car doesn’t have the right map to use for an AGM battery!

You need to recode the car to tell it that you have a AGM battery, so that you can download the new charging map into it, and THEN it knows what to do.

This is also true if your car came with a black AGM battery, and you have downgraded to a standard type battery. You now need to get the car coded for the new battery.

Even if you change from one battery to another of the same type, if one has more amp/hour capacity than the other, then recoding is needed. The maps are also different for batteries with different amp/hour ratings.

30 07 2016
byard edwards

hence the $500 battery swap at the dealer.

3 03 2016

2011 BMW X5 diesel caught on fire while driving down the road on 2/27/2016. Entire car burned down, total loss.

17 03 2016

When I put the heat on it smells like something is burning only with the heat on I had an exhaust leak fixed is my car safe to drive

20 03 2016

Hi, first off I know this is an older post and I am sorry to see all of you that have had to go through this, my 2003 BMW 325i caught fire literally 2 minutes after I got me and my 6 year old out of the car.. The fire marshal said this is the second bmw this month this has happened to in my town! The car had been parked in my garage and just parked outside by the grace of God.. The car was parked 3 ft from my house & 2 feet from my gas meter/line! Fire marshal said he is amazed the gas line didn’t blow & burn the house down. I’m just wondering if there is a class action lawsuit? I just purchased the car January 15,2016 and had to do some work on it and that was the second time I drove the car and was planning on getting full coverage insurance the following day. Now I have a total loss. The cars central locking system did not work prior to the fire, but when fire started all windows rolled up & doors locked. The fire department had to bust out the window. The hood wouldn’t open either so they had to use a crowbar to open it to be able to spray the fire. I’m just sick. I don’t know what I am going to do. Please text me if you know of any lawsuit or anything.. I’m also going to contact my local news. 615-753-2524 Brittney

22 03 2016
Alvin Burger

I have had the same thing happen to me on my 2005 745LI 86k miles this past weekend at the local dealer which also destroyed two other cars nearby. I think there needs to be a class action lawsuit brought on BMW.

22 03 2016

My 2002 BMW x5 caught fire due to rain water draining down into the cabin of the truck and reaching the Light Control Module under the dash on the passenger side of the truck. The module was completely fried and it burned up some wiring. While it was burning the air bags deployed and now the truck won’t start. All this damage from a design flaw that BMW is aware of and continue to use eve on the newer cars. I’ve seen CPU less cases on line of similar incident all over the web. I tried to get some information from BMW North America and they act as if there unaware of any issues. I’m really disappointed this was my first BMW and I really liked the truck but it’s not worth the head aches. This will be my first and last BMW.

24 03 2016
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[…] BMW Owners Beware! | BMW Electrical Fires – I am a BMW owner who loved her car. So much in fact that I was devastated the Saturday it spontaneously caught fire. The fire department’s conclusion on the scene … […]

28 03 2016

2006 325i daughter driving highway 121 Plano Tx 26 March 2016 smoke came in through Ac vents looked in rear view mirror flames on drivers side rear pulled over to median as flames swept the entire drivers side, her friend in the passenger seat pulled her free and as they ran the vehicle loss. No physical injuries to either. Goodyear rebuilt the engine 4 months ago

30 03 2016
Joseph bethea

All that money for a expensive toy that is not worth the cheap wood they put in them my wife’s car has been through 4 new batteries the dealer or indecent BMW shops can’t find the problem why build a car your own factory trained techs can’t find or fix those cars just like Mercedes are a rich man toy when they go bad the get ride of the at a lower price so common folk can buy their problems

31 03 2016

Hi all.

My 2012 BMW 650i caught on fire and nearly burned the house down two nights ago. I started smelling smoke coming from the garage three floors up and ran downstairs to find flames coming out of the hood of my car inside my garage. Not only is my car gone, but my entire garage has to be restored, the contents of my house have to be cleaned and laundered and there’s been damage to my other car that was parked next to it. BMW had nothing to say in response to this and told me to talk to my insurance company.
I thought that this was very rare but as I read this forum, I’m surprised to see that this is not the case.

17 04 2016

Multumim pentru impartasirea acestor informatii utile.

29 04 2016

My BMW X3 which I have cared for like a baby and always said I’d buy another, until I almost had a fire as well. While driving on the highway with my drivers heated seat on I began to feel a burning sensation on my leg. I pulled over and took a look at the seat to find that the heating element burnt through the leather. I took it to a BMW dealer for a review, I was told it would cost $1700 to replace the seat. They suggest I not use the heated seat as a fire could start. I called BMW HEADQUARTERS and they are offering to pay half the cost of the seat, big deal! I am no longer a fan of BMW, as fires should not be acceptable no matter what the age of the car.

9 05 2017
Joseph R. Santoli, Esq.

I am bringing a class action for BMW seat heater fires. Plz call my cell: 1-800-279-6996 or email me w/your cell no at Thx. Jos.

5 05 2016

My bmw 640d 2016 plate has just gone on fire when not in the car, veichle only done 2000 miles but it was the door card that has taken the impact. Luckily I think the lack of oxygen in the car forced the fire out. BMW Germany are coming to the uk to investigate it but are making me feel like a criminal and that I am in the wrong. I only had the car 3 weeks and everyone in bmw says this is a one off but I am presuming it’s not after reading these comments. I now await bmws investigation which I am told will happen with in the next week considering this happened 4 weeks ago I feel this is not getting taken seriously. Any advise??

21 05 2016

I just bought a used BMW 740I’m w 140k verified original miles. Was so excited til two weeks ago my 4 yr old son and I were driving down driveway when smoke came from glove box. Smell was horrible I don’t know what to do. Hurry turn car off n got him and I out of it. Luckly my husband waz coming home from work n he was me panicking away from car he rushed to see what going on n his quick thinking to diconnecf battery saved my car from burning up. The fire started in fuss box area melted some of it’s panel. I’m glad we are safe just disappointed in BMW period. I had vehicle checked over before buying since was used n then to have this happen put of the clear blue sky has devastated me. Now costs of repair are very high n hard to get parts. Never buy another BMW periox. Broken hearted from this car. Hope everyone reads doesn’t buy one to risky

25 05 2016

I have owned 3 BMW’s to date without a single complaint. They are fantastically built vehicles.

14 06 2016

If you are here just to say you love your BMW then you are on the wrong site. Its like going to a support group of women with fertility problems and saying I have had 3 beautiful children. Until you are have gone through what we have, you will not understand.

11 06 2016

My BMW X5 just burned out on fire in front of my drive way tonight about 10pm! That was so scared that I smell a burn from outside n ask my husband go check it out! N my husband yell from outside to call 911, cuz my BMW is smoking n start fire….. Now I’m so worries what will going to happen n how to handle it!!!! The police n firemen said just repot to my insurance n let them know what happen tonight n etc….

14 06 2016

If you are here just to say you love your BMW then you are on the wrong site. Its like going to a support group of women with fertility problems and saying I have had 3 beautiful children. Until you are have gone through what we have, you will not understand.

29 06 2016

I agree I’m worried and angry outraged and besides myself at the electrical fires and problems so frustrated I can scream and I haven’t had rest lighting in months wtf

3 07 2016

My 2001 325 convertible that I loved caught fire today and is totaled. Why no class suit. We have another BMW that I can no longer feel is a great car.

9 07 2016

2001 330 Convertible. While at traffic light – smoke from passenger side, flames within minutes, Total loss.

12 07 2016
Melissa V

My 2001 bmw 330ci caught fire in the dashboard today while driving. Was able to safely escape, but firemen said it’s likely totaled. Sad to see this is a common problem. Just paid it off, too. What a shame!

17 07 2016
Ernestine Mcbath

that’s good, thanks for your share,.. I think this is great blog

19 07 2016

Hello, I’m not sure how long ago this post is from, but we just had the sans thing happen to us. Now we have no car and don’t know what to do. Can I ask you how everything turned out?

3 08 2016

Hi All,

Here in india, Y’day BMW caught fire on the road. Its a serious issue and BMW should address it as soon as possible.

19 08 2016
Debbie Danielson

Hi I have a 325i 2006 with 70,000 miles. Bought it new. Just had the electronic water pump go out. After it was replaced we drove home no problems. The next morning it would not start we jumped it and drove it around for 30 min when it stalled and would not start. Towed it back to have it fixed they just called and said the power distribution box and cables had melted. 1060.00 to fix plus the 1040.00 to fix the water pump. I loved BMW now I can’t wait to trade it. Not sure if I’m lucky it didn’t burn to the ground or not. I’m scared to drive it and now scared to park it. Leaving it at the dealer until we can drive it straight to another and buy a different car.

21 08 2016

I have a 1995 740 IL BMW and the inside of the engine caught fire today and I don’t know what to do. It was on the bottom left side of the engine and I still don’t know what it is but fuck it I still drive it. I would do anything to fix it

31 08 2016
Cherie Townsend

BMW won’t accept responsibility. I was next to a BMW and a parking lot that caught fire. They are saying it is inconclusive. Well duh because the piece that started it I am sure is gone. My license plate was melted away. I found another BMW park next to my new car today and I am going to put a note on their car to stay away from me. I parked out in the boonies now at work good luck stay away from the flame-throwing BMW

4 10 2016
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[…] BMW Owners Beware! | BMW Electrical Fires – I am a BMW owner who loved her car. So much in fact that I was devastated the Saturday it spontaneously caught fire. The fire department’s conclusion on the scene was … […]

7 10 2016
Ritchard Dry

My 2013 BMW couhgt fire on 5th of October 2016 while driving home from customer. I smelt something burning. I pulled over and check engine compartment but noting was wrong as I walked back to driver side I could see smoke coming out. I stopped two police offers and asked if they could help with fire extinguisher. They had none but pointed me to petrol garage. By the time I got back the back of car was completely in flames. needless to say the car completely burned-out. a sad day!!

11 10 2016

Got a 59 plate 320d M-sport saloon. Was driving to work and noticed a sudden burning odour. Was initially dismissive of it – thinking it was coming from outside – until I turned around to check my blind spot a few seconds later and noticed smoke coming from behind the rear seats. Pulled over immediately and turned the car off. Turned out to be a component of the back window’s demister that had failed and caught fire. Luckily it burnt out quickly and only melted components immediately surrounding it but pretty unsettling to learn that this happens – especially given the breadth of electronic components in the car. Leaves me worrying what’s going to burn next.

15 10 2016
Miriam Gobran

My friends bmw caught on fire yesterday. Then in talking to others found out also a friend of friend same thing with her BMW . I’m not a scientist so my guess is bmw has a problem.

17 10 2016
The Traveller
19 10 2016
Ciacho13 at gmail . com

Also my BMW 530d E60 from 2007 caught fire. I was on my way from Poland where I have family to Germany where I am actually working, and then after 500km from starting point my car suddenly starts to be full of smoke, Xenon lights were off autonomically and after 5 minutes i have already seen fire.

When I have bought this car I was really proud about engine, gearbox etc.
Right now I can say that BMW had ruined my life.

Especially in such a situation : night, highway full of trucks, alone in car and car is starting to burn.

First and last BMW. In usa BMW Slogan is The Ultimate Driving Machine… In Germany or Poland slogan is : Happiness through driving…

At very many sources in Internet we can find that especially BMW’s cars catching fire very fast and occasionally.

I also recommend to look movie about Family which owns BMW

Just type : BMW – The Silence of the Quandts on YouTube.

Very dissapointed ex-bmw driver.

21 10 2016

Well my 328i spontaneously combusted and blew up at 6am this morning, typically 29th time I’m driving to work however today I was running late…luckily nobody was hurt. Fire department said it was an electrical problem.

22 10 2016
Arlin Bleclic

I have a 2004 745 Li I took it to the shop and they changed the alternator, air cooled alternator. The alternator lasted about 250 miles then I got a generator failure light and all the other lights that come on with a bad alternator. When I slowed down to stop and take a look I saw smoke. Stopped quickly and popped the hood, flames were coming out of the alternator. It was a re manufactured alternator. Fortunately I caught it before any major damage occurred. Really irritating, the alternator is 150.00 online the shop charged me 500.00 for a reman alternator and 400.00 labor. I only had them change it because I was traveling. I am assuming I just got a bad alternator, but I wonder if this has happened before to others.

22 10 2016
Nigel mcmichael

My x5 set on fire in the hospital car park as I went to collect my wife and new born son today, it had been turned off for two hours and was driving great before. I’m just so great full that myself and my family wer not in the car at the time can any one advice where I go from here
Thanks Nigel

6 11 2016
Matthew corson

Lost my beloved bmw sept 30 2016 to an electrical fire! My 330ci was imaculate and extremely taken care of. Never any issues. While driving to work with absolutely no warning whatsoever, smoke started comming out from behind steering wheel, smelled electrical, kid you not in less than 1min flames!! Was able to stop car in the middle of the street and jump out. Car was totalled! Unfortunately for me, i had cancelled full coverage about 6 months prior to fire. Total loss for me but i still have my life! It could have been much worse!

17 11 2016

My BMW X5 caught fire tonight. I was not injured, physically, but the car was destroyed. A horrifying experience. Previous issues were passed off as software updates. The fire started in the rear of the car……no setermination on origin. Assuming electrical. Any others out there with X5 fire issues?

22 11 2016

What year was your X5?

13 12 2016

Just had my 2015 x5 catch on fire while sitting in a parking lot on 12/3/16. Fire started in trunk in battery compartment after sitting for 3 hours. Waiting for BMW to inspect. Offered $5000 loyalty so far. That’s some loyalty for a person who purchased or leased 9 bmws. I’m hoping they make things right.

13 12 2016

12/3/16 2015 x5 caught on fire after sitting parked for 3 hours. Started in battery compartment in trunk. Dealer gave me loaner till BMW comes to inspect. BMW of North America offered $5000 loyalty cash hinting I should go though insurance because it’s quicker and they usually aren’t able to determine cause of fire. Bet that sounds familiar to a few people on here. Some loyalty to a person that has purchased or leased 7 bmws. Hoping they do right thing, but after reading all these posts, I’m not sure I even want a new BMW.

21 11 2016

Hello, my name is Sloan.
On Saturday, November 19th 2016 my bmw 2000 BMW 328i started blowing gray smoke out of the air vents, glovebox, around the radio and underneath the dash. I pulled over and popped the hood, assuming some sort of fluid had spilled over and was steaming off of the engine but could not find where the smoke was coming from. I closed all the doors, windows and hood…5 seconds later the entire car was full of grey smoke so we quickly opened the doors to get our stuff and immediately the smoke became black and fire started pouring from under the glove box along the left side against the center console. A police officer was driving by and pulled over, he tried to extinguish the fire but because it was inside the dash, he was unsuccessful. The entire car was completely engulfed in flames in a matter of 30 seconds. The car had numerous electrical problems since the car has been in my family (5 years) but never a mechanical one. It had less than 60,000 miles on it. I am devistated, was starting school and a new job the 21st. I only had liability and although my research has provided endless stories of this exact same thing happening with this exact same car upon many other years and models. it has me livid. Thank god our two children, who are still in car seats, weren’t with us. BMW needs to be held responsible for this.

22 11 2016

My brother’s 2014 BMW X5 spontaneously combusted while on the road. His family barely escaped. I’m tempted to get rid of my 2014 320i.

7 12 2016

Hi I had my 2012 BMW that I had for less than a year catch fire in my driveway. I was sleeping and I heard the alarm go off and I look out my window and my beautiful car was on fire. My car was gone. It was devastating to see that my sons car seat burned up in the back seat. The scariest thing because my children could of been in that car. I have call BMW and still have not received any response.

7 12 2016

I did not include that when my 2012 cought fire in my driveway it cought my garage and house on fire. Soo scared to ever get in another BMW! Beware of BMW!!!!!!!!!!

25 04 2017
Stephanie Zimmermann

Renee, would you please contact me? I would like to hear more about what happened. Thanks!

8 12 2016
Dana A Roeller


25 04 2017
Stephanie Zimmermann

Dana, would you please contact me? I would like to hear more about what happened. Thanks!

8 12 2016

They told me the same thing they told me they would call me back in 2 business days Nothinh they never called bk..

14 12 2016
Caner tastan

My friends 2013 335i f30 m sport 6 speed manual was t boned and blew up into flames but they said it was not fuel related, my friend passed away due to being severely burnt in the accident I love bmws I drive an e92 but after this I don’t know what to do every lawyer has dropped the case for his mom it seems like they don’t even care to get a video subpena considering the lady who hit him had no seat belt or insurance and was speeding if there’s any lawyers or anyone with advice please help us we are located in Florida and just want justice to be served appropriately! He had full warranrt on the vehicle and was making a u turn in which he though he had time no phone related on his end and he had his seat belt on it took viewers about two minutes to get him out the already engulfed flamed car, I’m not sure about my say in this but I am sick of reading bmws electrical fires and finally coming out to speak about a death that took my best friend.

25 12 2016

My 2008 328i just went up in flames in my driveway! Thank god I just backed it out of the garage. This was a well maintained and beautiful car. I also noticed it chugging one day, but the next day it ran fine. Then 3 days later it was on fire. It seemed to be the fuse box that started it. We only drive this car about 10k miles a year as it is my wife’s car and she offices from home.
My new house almost burned down. What if she was in traffic or on the highway?
Looking for legal advice!

30 12 2016
Luke Green

What the hell is going on here?I cant believe there are this many people complaining and none of yall has filed a lawsuit against Bmw?I mean what are you people waiting for?The ones of you who had close calls with loosing your homes and children,Isnt that enough to bring out the fight in you?If someone was trying to set your house on fire or your children,wouldnt you be trying to fight them?Attacking them with everything you have?Yet all of you people just keep repeating the same crap and none of yall did anything to bring this issue to light.I dont get it.Its like your all sheep following the masses.Brainwashed by the media to stay calm and do nothing when youve all been harmed.Mentally Physically and emotionally.I think your all lost in your social media tablets smart phones and movies and thats so sad to see humanity loose touch with reality.Slowly becoming machines no different than the computers you depend on everyday to control what you think feel and do.You all have everything you need right here! And yet you all just complain and move along,not ever following through.Im left in shock knowing our country is in sad shape when this type of harm can be brought to each and all of our lives and yall just close the door like nothing happened.Did someone talk you people out of this?Or were you people programmed to not think for yourselves anymore.Its a very serious question that needs to be looked at by each and everyone of you.

8 02 2017

But how would people know to band together had it not been for said smart phone, tablets, and computers? I don’t believe it’s worth it to bring it on yourself ,calling others weak , for not taking on a corporate giant just to be dragged thru the mud. Basically put up or shut up. Who has the money for an attorney when you lose a car ?

30 12 2016

FYI… there were several including myself who “joined a class action lawsuit filed by Attorney Joseph Santoli. Mr. Santoli was the only attorney brace enough to take on the BMW giant. In 2015 Santoli filed 2 separate class action lawsuits and of course one has already been thrown out. Smh it’s a shame really. Google it.

9 05 2017
Joseph R. Santoli, Esq.

Thank you for your kind remarks. The BMW water leak case you mention was successful. Plz call my cell: 1-800-279-6996 or email me w/your cell no at for details. Thx. Jos.

30 12 2016
Luke Green

Thank You Fhop.Im really glad to know that this should not go away without someone accounting for this reckless behavior on BMWs behalf.Yes It wasnt intentional,But intent is never needed to show damages occurred.I pray that you all get some form of justice for your family and your children.Why these greedy BMW CEOs can take million dollar bonuses and not give a dam about any of us is beyond comprehending.

6 01 2017
Albert Kotzé

People will continue buying German/European cars because for some reason they believe they are better than, e.g. Japanese cars. Go look at JD Power annual dependability surveys, based on experiences with 3-year-old cars. For the first time since the surveys started many years ago, European cars are now catching up to Japanese cars. If you compare the price of a European car with that of Japanese you will notice that you pay a lot more for the European car. Are rich people stupid, is my question?

30 01 2017

My wife was in her CLK320 years ago and she was hit by a motorhome. No Japanese car would have taken that kind of hit. I know this because all responding services and insurance representatives agreed, not to mention that I have been in the insurance industry for eighteen years. Labeling people as stupid, just because they are willing to spend a little more money to be safe conveys more about you than it does them.

10 01 2017
malu mulumba

Hello my 03 x5 was on fire yesterday, no message on the dashboard, just a little smoke when I was backing up from my driveway, I only drove four houses down from mine and someone just told me to pull-over which I did and getting off the car I saw fyer from beneath the car just on the driver side . I had my kids in the car with me , tk God we r all safe and still waiting for the report from the fire marshal. Malu mulumba

14 02 2017
Pearly Barken

Hi, I do think this is a great site. I stumbledupon it 😉 I will revisit once again since i have book marked it.Money and freedom is the best way to change, may you be rich and continue to guide others.

18 02 2017

THESE FIRES ARE EXAMPLES OF ERRORS MADE BY SERVICING OR REPAIRS PERFORMED OTHER THAN BY QUALIFIED TECHS. I’m quite certain that the positive cable that should be secured by a stay bracket in the upper area of the intake manifold and or engine WAS IN FACT not re-installed properly and was left hanging on backside of engine, resting on the exhaust. The period of time for the cable insulation to melt off enough for an electrical short to occur varies all depending on each case. A dangerous event and vehicle disaster WILL OCCUR if errors such as explained are not detected and corrected. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS go by the book if you are not a professional. Saving some cash could cost you your ass.

11 03 2017

I would have to say you are right because a week later after I replaced the rad it caught fire

11 03 2017

Hi. I had a 2002 325 BMW coupe. I was driving it and turned on the heat and it had smells of fumes coming out and I just had the radiator replaced and an engine shampoo. They showed me rad had several cracks with leaks. I could not afford a new car so I fixed it. One week later was driving smelled fumes as I went to turn on heat so runes it off quickly. The. 5 min later smoke started coming out from underneath the dash. Pulled over car and got out and ran into a bar freaking out. Called 911 as I turned around car burst into flames. Firefighters and cops showed up. Took awhile for them to put it out. Car was totalled and burned completely in the front. Luckily insurance company paid me and I am now driving a Nissan. Not happy with what I have but it gets me around. Was planning on getting a new BMW this year but since reading this I will have to pass. Scariest thing ever since this and I have trauma a bit

12 03 2017

Hearing all your stories I’m so sorry & grateful you were all able to get out in time. After my daughter & I had just gotten home in our 2002 BMW X5 the fire started on passenger side door frame near windshield & melted dash & & the heat busted windshield. All windows were up so fire did not spread outside thank goodness. Firemen came & unhooked battery cables & checked where fire started & said it was an electrical fire. Hearing about how helpful or caring BMW is not is very upsetting. People can get killed. This is so very scary I will never own another BMW again. I hope someday someone can do something about this horror.

21 03 2017
Kelly kolep

I have same issue and would like to get help with my story..

4 04 2017
Lucy Oliver

Hi: My BMW x3 started smoking this morning. We only noticed because the man sitting on the seat felt hot and I noticed smoke coming from the seat. Is BMW doing anything about the issue. Has anyone in Canada considering launching a case action suit? thanks, Lucy

12 04 2017
Jose cortez

I parked my 2006 BMW 330i in my driveway and 1hr later my son informed me that my car was on fire, from under the hood. Fire department said this has happened to other bmw owners as well. That car was so nice.

25 04 2017
Stephanie Zimmermann

Jose, would you please contact me? I would like to hear more about what happened. Thanks!

13 04 2017

on 4/6/2017 my 2013 X5 caught fire after sitting parked for 7hrs. it started under the hood . BMW worked on it 5 days before. I purchased it in Oct it only had 43,000 miles on it. My Insurance is paying for it but I told them to go after BMW. I also filed a claim with BMW of NA they offered me $5000 if I purchased another one. I am also going to see a lawyer this week, Don’t let them get away with this we all have to fight them.

25 04 2017
Stephanie Zimmermann

Gwen, would you please contact me? I would like to hear more about what happened. Thanks!

21 04 2017
Jennifer Dunbier

We bought my daughter a 2007 335i she drive it for two years with no problem. In September 2016 she was driving a friend home when they noticed smoke and a smell of electrical burn. She thought it was her air conditioner so she shut it down and pulled over. While her and her friend were getting out of the car It busted into flames.She lost a brand-new cheer uniform her purse and her license and College school books which are not cheap and all her belongings which were in the backseat and she did not have time to grab. The fire department said it was and electrical fire. I am so relieved and blessed my daughter and her friend were able to get out of the car. Do anyone know if a class action suit has been started ?? I would like to join.

25 04 2017

Hi I read your review. My BMW caught fire in April 2017 by itself and trying to find if it has happened with anyone more.

28 04 2017

I got an update of the fire that started in my 2013 BMW 328x drive with only 30K miles in it. The fire started in the truck due to electrical fire. The fire started in the parking lot almost 5 hours after I came home. The Bmw totally got burned out and burned my Acura parked next to it. The investigation shows that the battery as a reason for electrical fire.
Not sure what course of action can I take against BMW of North America.

16 01 2018

Your creative potential seems limitless. I’m here for the first time. After seeing this I yelled at the ceiling and my eyeballs exploed! I am totally impressed.

28 04 2017

If the battery isn’t an approved BMW battery then you might have a hard time fighting BMW. I know when my battery was dying in my 2010 BMW 328 x-drive my mechanic said that it had to be a BMW approved battery.

28 04 2017

Hi Tyron, I bought the car new from BMW and it’s the original battery. The car’s factory warranty ended on March 31th, 2017.
I just took the maintenance warranty by paying $1,100 for one year on March 31th, 2017. I spoke with BMW North America and they said they won’t pay back the maintenance warranty money when the car got fire on April 12th, 2017.
I was wondering if there is a class action lawsuit if someone went though similar situation.

28 04 2017

Oh you have a case! Also BMW suppose to refund the maintenance money back to you because you weren’t able to use it because the car was destroyed. I have a friend who paid $2,800 for an extended warranty on his X1 then a couple of weeks later the car was totaled and BMW refunded him the money he paid for the extended warranty. Take pictures of your destroyed car. And i hope you are on FB and like the BMW page and every time they send advertisements go and comment and post pictures of your car and tell your story on what happened. I have seen this happen and BMW direct message the person.

30 04 2017

My sons BMW 325i 2003 started on fire yesterday. He was driving down the highway and the car all the sudden wouldn’t get to speed, it kept dropping speed he pulled over thinking he might have a flat tire and saw smoke the front of the car went into flames.

5 05 2017

On Friday May 5th, 2017. I received mail in reference to BMW class action. Stating it will reimburse up to 1500.00 “if” ypu had repairs done in reference to the electrical trunk problem..

9 05 2017
Steven Gonzalez

2000 528i wagon that I love(d). I drove approx 2 miles to get a drive thru coffee and 2 miles back. I parked car and about 5-10 min later smoke started coming from right front wheel well and R side under hood. Popped hood and saw smoke coming from the opening behind my right front Lamp going down into wheel well or are behind front bumper and right front wheel well. No full out fire but CLOSE!! I will keep you informed on what I find.

9 05 2017
Stephanie Zimmermann

Hi Steven — I would like to hear more about what happened. Would you please contact me at ? Thanks!

10 05 2017
Carolyn morano

Check the seat heater elements, I was burned by mine on my upper posterior thigh. BMW 2005 525 series. This was around 2011. Off warranty!!!! They did want to hear anything! Unfortunately, we were severely impacted by hurricane Sandy and the car was flooded and totaled. Received insurance compensation. I will never forget that experience. I firstly smelt something burning, it was my wool sweater!!!! No denying the smell of hair. I immediately pulled over only to discover a hole in my sweater and slacks and a small red/blistered area on my posterior thigh! Have another BMW, but thanks for the heads up. I will not keep it in our garage which is built into our house.

11 05 2017
Ed Crabtree

I had a 2000 X5 that when up on flames
Just sitting in a parking lot!

19 05 2017
Stephanie Zimmermann

Ed, I would like to hear more about what happened to you. Would you please email me at ? Thanks!

24 05 2017
Steven Gonzalez

My almost fire (saw the smoke and caught it early enough to avoid catastrophe) started at my secondary air pump behind the front bumper near right front wheel well. 2000 528i wagon.

5 09 2017
Billie Davis

Who can helps us my car caught fire without a warning 2008 335xi I was driving and I had the air on and I noticed the air had stop then i saw white smoke coming out the vents so I pulled over and the entire car was on fire

11 05 2017

BMW has at least 4 issues… #1. The coolant overflow tank is known for leaking antifreeze, which is actually flammable! #2. BMW now uses an electric water pump that, along with other components, will continue to run long after the vehicle shuts off. #3. Driver side engine may leak oil in the area under the intake manifold. #4. There is a recall on the cooling fan (NHTSA Campaign Number: 12E029000) that could lead to an under hood. Combine these issues together and you have all the ingredients for a fire under the hood. Look at the videos and photos, notice the “hot spot” or burn mark on the front drivers side of the engine hood. My 2007 X3 has a mechanical water pump but I do have coolant leaking from the overflow tank and oil leaking somewhere under the intake manifold. I have 20 years of experience as an automotive technician and service manager. I am devastated that I saved up so much money only to realize this thing could burn my house down! Don’t park in your garage. Insurance companies are always looking for a reason not to pay out any money. Research your BMW @

11 05 2017

I agree with you! Just like i said in the interview with ABC my car was parked cold and I hadn’t driven since the 10:00 the previous night. I went to leave in the middle of the afternoon and hit the remote to unlock the car and that’s when I heard a pop and within seconds my BMW was engulf in flames! I saw that the fire originated under the hood close to the steering column. Within 10 min my car was burned to nothing but a shell. BMW knows that once the car is gone you no longer have any evidence to proceed with a lawsuit. Now if you are able to extinguish the fire quickly then that’s a while different story. BMW will be there to cut you a check. Hush money. As for me it was a Total loss! Almost 18,000 owed for a car I no longer have sits on my credit report. BMW could careless. Jay Hansen of BMW NA flat out lies to consumers telling them that they have never heard of such a thing happening. Well all you have to do is a simple google search of BMW electrical fires and you will uncover a ridiculous amount of people all with very similar “mysterious”stories of their cars self igniting. How can a major corporation get away with this for so many years?

11 05 2017

PRE 2010?

11 05 2017

All years…All models
It’s doesn’t make a difference if it’s 10 years old or fresh off the lot. I’ve actually talked with a person who was test driving a brand new BMW and it caught on fire.

11 05 2017
Janet Wilson

I was just getting ready to get one, I love that car I had a 2007 and I wanted another one but now I got to think of another car to get because I would never get one at this point.

11 05 2017

I’m so glad that our story has finally gotten the exposure it deserves. Your smart Janet for rethinking on buying a BMW! I still have nightmares of being trapped inside a burning car.

11 05 2017
Michael Nikephoros

I just wanted to let everyone know that I drove a 2007 BMW 550 for four years, recently upgraded to a 2014 BMW 550 IX and neither has caught fire. Still the recent news reports are cause for some concern. They have gotten a way with this before but on a much grander scale, so why wouldn’t they try it again. German engineering, sigh.

11 05 2017

I’m sure you love your BMW just like I did and so many others do. My BMW Z4 was the first car that I actually bought for myself as a fun car and I was finally done with having a “mom” car. Little did I know less than 6 months later it would engulf in flames. Like I warn all my family and friends that love their BMWs .. Just be sure to have great car insurance,home insurance and including life insurance because you never know.

11 05 2017
Olaf Johnson

May 11th, 2017 4pm
I own a 2011 335i xDrive Sedan (50,000 miles) so I became deeply concerned when I saw on ABC news this morning May, 11th 2017 that parked BMW vehicles were spontaneously bursting into flames. The scary thing was these were BMW vehicles that were parked with the engines turned off and cold. Some cars where parked from minutes to as long as days before they burst into flames.

This phenomena is becoming more and more prevalent not just across the USA but the news showed video clips of BMW cars in China, India, Europe, Canada, South America, etc… with the same explosive issue. There is no consistency between cars since the burnt BMWs were from all years and all model ranges from 2000 to present. It certainly didn’t matter if your BMW was a 2003 330i with 200,000 miles or a 2017 M235i with 10 miles. For a lot of the cars the source of spontaneous combustion is around passenger side wiper blades where the hood opens/passenger side wheel housing/passenger side glove box area.

This area is the location junction for the most important battery wiring, where the car power cables meet the fuse/relay panels on 99% of all BMW from 2000 to present. Also present in that area, especially on the 6 cylinder engines, are coolant hoses, the lower end of a sloping oil gasket-that often leaks, and washer fluid tank and hose. All of which are highly flammable fluids when ignited, On top of that, myself being the owner of three BMW Inline 6 sedans since 2004, BMW’s engine bay is designed to collect dry leaves and twigs in a catch pan right at the passenger side wiper arm under the hood. All of these are a recipe for your car bursting into flames. I believe the battery connection involved with the fuse/relay panel to be at fault.

Now recently I have noticed a Battery Discharge Error that comes on after my car has been parked for long stretches. The Error usually goes away after a few minutes of driving. The BMW Of Westchester (NY) Dealership ran a test and found nothing wrong with the battery and that the battery had excellent health. Days after the dealership I still get the error messages. Now when I park I turn off all accessories (radio, AC, light switch) but I notice that the amber led for the P on the transmission and the START ENGINE button stay lit for hours after parking my car. I don’t ever recalling seeing that and it worries me that electricity is still coursing through the car long after the engine is off.
I will check back if my car burst into flames but I thought I would share my 2 cents,

11 05 2017

We lost our home in Dec 2013, total loss fireb
and a total of 3 cars destroyed, one was a BMW 325i that had not been driven for over 24
hours. All were garaged. Luckily one of our dogs alerted me and I was able to get myself
and the two dogs out. The house went up in fire quickly, the fire was so hot it literally melted the wheels on the cars. Fire investigators deemed it accidental and undetermined.
BMW, I feel now this is very suspicious

19 05 2017
Stephanie Zimmermann

WH, I would like to hear more about what happened. Would you please email me at Stephanie.A.Zimmermann@abc,com ? Thanks

23 12 2017
Apps For Parties

Kudos. I’m going to name my son after you. Do not get afraid to spread your thoughts. I truly think this blogs needs much more consideration. I will probably be again to read much more, thanks for that info. Bravo!.

11 05 2017

Sorry for all you BMW owners. You buy these vehicles because you think they are better than others and don’t even know why or how. If any car is parked for an extensive period of time 30 min+ and starts on fire It has to be electrical. The most likely cause is the large gauge battery to starter wire and most likely caused by rubbing to metal over time leading to shorting to ground. Also most everything is protected by fuses.Look at the wiring diagram…..

12 05 2017
Vinu A Patel MD

I have 2006 BMW 525 XI and smells something burning in vehicle first I loose lights for Passenger side airbag is not working with restrain system and belt problem started and now whole dash word And front computer for
gps and other quit working and sometime every thing flashing
My question why Airbag and damaged computerized electrical system is covered by them it can cause fire and airbag is not working
Both can cause death and mortality injuries

12 05 2017

Fires up front, in trunk, wheel wells, and in passenger compartment. The battery in the trunk that has a large cable to the engine compartment leads me to believe that a problem could occur anywhere along the electrical path, not to mention the fact that there are several logic boards in different locations in the car. After reading all the different fire cases, it seems that there is no one component to blame. Any one of them seem to fail.

12 05 2017

We have a 2011 BMW and certainly don’t want a garage/house fire!!!! What are the years of BMW this electrical fire has been happening? BMW has to find a solution and soon!!!!

12 05 2017
Steven Gonzalez

I caught miner early enough to avoid catastrophe. We noticed a pungent burning smell. I though maybe someone burned up their clutch. I went out to see, but didn’t see anything. A few minute later my dad came in an said “you’re car is smoking”. I ran out and brownish blue smoke was coming out from around me R headlamp and gap between the bumper and fender (where usually nothing is). I tried to pop my door locks but car was dead. I manually unlocked the door and popped the hood. I could see the brownish blue pungent smoke seeping up from a round hole in the body and plastic behind the passenger side headlamp, it was not the headlamp wires. I can see some thing down the hole where the smoke was coming from. The car is not DEAD. No anything. I will get the front fascia and R side fender liner off next week so I can see what burned up and how much damage there is. I’ll report back.
2000 528i Sport wagon.

12 05 2017

I have a 2000 528 also. Please do let me know what you find.

12 05 2017

I assume the battery is up front. Disconnect your car battery when not in use. Inspect and follow the big red cable look for chaffing of the insulation and connections Follow any wires from the battery to there connection junction. look for chaffing of insulation.Everything else should be protected by fuses.

12 05 2017

I know why this is happening… At least 90 % sure

12 05 2017
Steven Gonzalez

Sill the beans!

12 05 2017
Steven Gonzalez


12 05 2017

Your killing us. What do you think?

12 05 2017

Your killing us. What do you think?

12 05 2017

Mouse or squirles

12 05 2017

Hey Eric, Tell us why?

12 05 2017

I just joined, this is horrible news all around.. does anyone know at which car year this all started with? I see new cars are impacted, I have a 1999 740I, and have had it for around 10 yrs, but from what i see, i will park it out in the street instead of in the garage.

12 05 2017

So far from what I have read the earliest is 2000 models and newer, however 1999 models are mostly the same as 2000’s and newer at least for the e39’s not sure about the 7 series.

12 05 2017

thank you Mike….

12 05 2017
Rebecca fitzpatrick

I am wondering if you had any weird electrical things that went on with your car before this? Reason I ask is I own a BMW and have had weird unexplained things go on with mine from the phone to the radio. Sees electrical to me but BMW says there’s nothing wrong with it. As a matter of fact has blamed it on my new Samsung edge 7 and my IPhone 6S plus! lol I have a 2013 X1… now I’m a little sceptacle. Ugh
I’m sorry this happened to you.

12 05 2017

Responding to Paul 2/18/17- are you a certified BMW technician? While your claim may be somewhat valid in regards to non-certified technicians, some of the posts are from avid BMW owners who do take their cars to BMW house for service…yet their cars still catch on fire. Something seems amiss…

12 05 2017

Nightline just ran a story about all this. I have a 2004 325 parked in my garage… I now feel like I should try and park it out on the street! Wow.

12 05 2017

i know for a fact bmw uses high pressure bosch fuel pump that may be big issue. bosch makes them in china an they implode setting metal bits thru engine fuel system an fire. to much crap outsource in mexico n china we pay for german not third world shit parts.

12 05 2017

I know why this is happening .

12 05 2017


21 02 2018
Mark M

My sons car just caught fire and burned. It was on the recall list and had the classic problems, but BMW told him it did not need repaired. They were notified of the fire and have assigned an investigator to it. They act like it is still his fault when they did not repair the vehicle after several complaints of electrical problems. What is the cause of the problem and what can he do about his lost car.

12 05 2017
Peter Levie

A possible problem could be water getting into the fuse box. My wife has a 2009 X5. We had problems with her car’s electrical system not working properly so we took it in for service. The BMW shop said to check for water in the fuse box compartment and there was. The reason is that when the sunroof is open, debris (leaves and other tree droppings) can clog the drains in the roof preventing water from escaping properly. If not cleared, water can run into the fuse box area which is in the left rear of her trunk. We had the sunroof drains flushed out and now check the fuse box compartment regularly to ensure it is dry and it has been since the drains were cleared. As BMW’s can have fuse boxes in the trunk and under the hood, that might explain why some fires have started in the trunk and some under the hood as water might be getting into either area. This won’t help those of you that have lost your cars to fire but might help someone prevent a future fire. I think this is a manufacturing defect which could be used as the basis of a lawsuit against BMW.

12 05 2017
Joseph R. Santoli, Esq.

I’m investigating electrical fires specifically headlamp & other frayed wiring, sunroof drain leaks into electronic modules & fuse boxes, battery cable & fan resistor defects. Plz call my cell: 1-800-279-6996, email or pm me on FB at joseph R. Santoli.

13 05 2017
Joseph R. Santoli, Esq.

I’m investigating several fuse box fires. Plz call my cell: 1-800-279-6996 if you suspect this caused your fire.

12 05 2017
Matt corson

My 2003 330 ci very meticulously maintained, caught fire out of no where, as i was driving. This happened sept 30 2016. Definitely electrical and it started behind steering column. I got out fast enough thank god and watched my car burn up in front of me. It was scary and car was totaled. Basically bmw said car is older you are out of luck! Thanks.

12 05 2017
Farooq Ali

BMW is outsourcing components made for their electrical and mechanical systems made to OEM specifications, but to countries where quality control is deficient, so failure is more likely than those made in Bavaria. My experience is with repeated transmission failure in a 2007 X3, which had not the German made ZF but a GM 6 transmission, assembled ? in the US but with ? Chinese made gear components in the X-Drive actuator and transfer case, some of which had disintegrated like dried out playdough when the transmission was opened for repair. Apparently, the “stronger than steel” space age aramid plastic (carbon impregnated polyamide/”nylon”) did not have an even mix of plasticizer. Sold the car after more than $7000 in repair costs. Similar deficiency could be present in the insulating plastic used in the electrical wiring harness if the manufacture was outsourced, with resulting fires in different sites. Another problem seen in 93-94 Mercedes was the use of biodegradeable plastics to comply with environmental laws, which disintegrated after a few years. Mercedes addressed this promptly by recalls of affected vehicles in Europe, but not in the US; a similar problem could be present in some BMWs. Another problem I had was the failure of the fuel pump (which was made in Taiwan) in a 1994 535i, which otherwise performed flawlessly. To my surprise, this electrical pump was immersed in the inflammable gasoline in the fuel tank. I understand that fuel pumps are also immersed in the fuel tanks of jetliners. This seems highly counter-intuitive.
IMHO those shopping for BMWs is to demand to see where the vehicle was assembled (this information is mandated by law to be revealed to the buyer if requested), and not to purchase if assembled or parts made outside of Germany or at a BMW licensed facility in a Western country with adequate QC. My experience is not unique as numerous similar postings have been made in BMW owners’ open forums.

12 05 2017
Greg Givens

I am not a BMW mechanic, but a Volvo mechanic with 15 years experience as a master technician and I have an explanation for this problem. Back when Volvo introduced the networked vehicle there was a feature built into the CCM ( Climate Control Module) which would run the H VAC blower motor after a pre determined amount of time after the car was shut off to dry the evaporator core off to prevent mold, mildew and unpleasant odors. I have had many customers complain that after the car was shut off some time later they would here the blower motor running. I explained this was a normal feature of the car. Also i could tell when the blower motor was going bad by the smell inside the car as soon as I entered it. it smelled like an electrical burning smell. My theory is that since most complains say that they smell a burning smell coming from there vents that there blower motor is failing. At some point after the vehicle is parked the blower motor is commanded to run and it over heats and gets hot enough to catch on fire. This may be compounded by the HEPA, or cabin filter being clogged with leaves, mouse nests or other debris which may enter the system between the windshield and back of the hood as this is where the air enters.I have replaced HEPA filters that were so clogged with debris that air would not pass through them. My advice is change your HEPA filter and if you smell burning coming from your vents to have it checked out immediately. There is no way to prevent this feature except to disconnect your battery (s) as some vehicles have 2 batteries.

Any comments?

12 05 2017
Steven Gonzalez

Does anyone have any idea what I might find behind the front bumper near the passenger wheel well when I remove the bumper and fender liner? That is where the smoke was coming from on my 2000 528i wagon about 5-10 min after I parked.

12 05 2017

Logical diagnosis Greg, Thanks. Don’t know about other year models, but my 2000 528 blower fan can be turned off from the dash and it does not run on to dry the condenser. That feature sounds very practical, wonder if it could be programed to evacuate excessive heat in the cabin when parked in the sun?

12 05 2017

Outside Temp sensor (not a likely culprit), Air bag trigger (has a yellow connector). Wheel sensor, but that runs down further back along the strut

12 05 2017
Analysis: Report on BMW Fires May Just Be Smoke – kazeroon

[…] which caught fire in the garage and resulted in the total loss of their home. There's even a blog on the subject. Also, many of the owners told ABC they were unhappy with the response they got […]

13 05 2017
Inachu Ikimasho

Aside from electrical issues I can say it is easy to blame bmw owners if they use jiffy lube.

14 05 2017
Vinny Gopalan

I picked up my car (320d – 2012 Model) from Brisbane BMW (Repairs Department) on the 10th of March 2017 and within an hour the car lost control and caught fire, which then exploded 3-4 times, the explosions were huge. The severity of the blast was so bad that there is no evidence linking BMW to be responsible. How can they not be responsible when they were fixing the engine prior to me picking it up???

The forensic investigators have repeatedly said in their report that the engine was were the fire started, so why is BMW ignoring me and my family???

It’s obvious they know about these fires and are trying cover it all up. BMW is a arrogant organisation with terrible customer service. They do not care about they’re customers at all.

Beware and never ever buy a BMW, they are rubbish cars and are over priced. When will they react to these problems???

15 05 2017


I am also a BMW owner. Who also had a eletricqk fire in my car. Though my car is still working. I was driving my bmw 123d 2009 yesterday when a strong smell of electrical malfunction covered the coupe. The smell came from the ventilation. After a while smoke appeared on both the life and right side of the hood. No warnings signs led up on the combi instrument. When opening the hood the smoke was covering the entire area of the hood. The car starts but I dont feel safe driving and bmw does not want to help. Please can anyone help me? My insurance doesn’t cover this beacause they see it as a malfunction fron bmw heather element.

15 05 2017
Joseph R. Santoli, Esq.

Christina-I’d be happy to look at your fire inspection reports. Plz call my cell: 1-800-279-6996 & email reports to Thx.

16 05 2017
Floyd Baker

It has to be the bluetooth circuitry waiting for your ‘key’ to come into rangte… It stays live all the time…

17 05 2017
Paula Williams

My BMW caught fire while it was being driven March 29th 2017. Fortunately no one was hurt however I’m out of $1,000 leftover from the bank loan and no car. is there is a class action lawsuit to be held I would like to participate

24 05 2017
bonnie tembeck

Oh oh, I love my car.

27 05 2017
Albert Kotzé

An automotive electronics expert here in South Africa told me that BMW delivers a replacement car the moment a BMW has been destroyed by fire and the complaint reaches them. They also remove the burnt out remains.

28 05 2017
John Lias

I just had an incident on Saturday 5/27/17 with my 2007 BMW 328xi where I had set out in the morning for an appointment, and about 3 mins after pulling out of my driveway I smelled smoke like wires were burning. I pulled over at a park that is no more than 5 mins away from my town home to investigate the issue. When I stopped the car and got out to open the hood, the smoke got heavier. By the time I closed the hood and went back to the drivers side, flames were coming from under my dash and glove box on the passengers side. I called 911 immediately and within seconds of being on the phone with 911 the car was engulfed with flames. The Fountain Colorado police and fire department arrived minuets after the car was in flames. The fire was put out but needless to say my BMW was a total loss. There IS something goin on with these cars and BMW needs to take this serious and stop denying these reports. Had I not drove my car and parked in an area where minimum damage was done, my whole section of the complex where I live could’ve been burned down. I feel truly blessed that I was able to get out of the car before it went up in flames. My lord was watching over me!!!!

31 05 2017

So this morning I woke up to my BMW on the passenger side burnt to a crisp. It looks like it at some point overnight caught fire. The inside of the glove compartment by where the wiring is and possibly where the screen is looks to be where it started. The dashboard, the glove compartment, the carpet below part of passenger door is fried to a crisp. The airbag deployed up instead of forward and shattered the window. I had to have a local police department come out and do an investigation. Their arsenal detective ruled it an electrical fire. I have been in contact with my insurance. Can anyone possibly shed a little light on the situation?

15 06 2017

My Story and others were on Abc 7 Night line Investigates on Bmws catching fire here:

5 09 2017
Billie Davis

How can we get help my car caught fire without a warning?

31 05 2017

I recently purchased a 535i and I can honestly say after hours of research I found that people are not taking care of them . Between the front fender well youll notice a gap that separates the engine from the external metal I pulled a 5 gallon bucket worth of leaves and pine needles all nested on top of wiring harnesses this will cause electrical fire even though the car is off

31 05 2017

If you will notice they are all catching fire in the same location open the hood and get that stuff out in no expert. Give it a shot I know mine runs cooler after the removed nesting

31 05 2017

I have seen a couple of those posts, however the fire on mine looks to have started from the glovebox or behind the radio screen.

16 06 2017

I’m sorry while this may be valid on 20 year old cars we’re talking about new few year old models . The majority of these fires are taking place on well maintained bmws certified pre owned . Leaves in a fender will not start fires that are starting in the dash. And consuming th cars in seconds.

8 06 2017

Just another case: my 2012 BMW X3 catches fire while driving in Switzerland on May 30th, 2017.
The source of the fire – electrical power steering.
The car was in mint condition before the fire, all stock (no modifications)always taken care of, always maintained at official BMW dealership in Switzerland (Vevey)…
The car was out of warranty already, however BMW dealership was approached with the question if they would like to have a look and investigate what was the reason of the fire. Their answer? “The car is too old”!
It’s a pity, that I found out about all these BMW’s in flames and this blog only now… Now it’s clear – if you are driving BMW, it’s only a matter of time when it will end up in flames…
Apparently I was lucky, that the fire started while driving the car and not in the garage at home… That would have been a real disaster…

15 06 2017
Steven Gonzalez


15 06 2017

Nice 🙂

19 06 2017
Anita Bose

I was in my car too. I dont really know if gas Leaked inside and caused me to get tired. I stopped in front of friends house. Passed out and man driving by saw car smoking. He saved my life!

10 06 2017
Nicholas Paglialonga

What causes the fires? I HAVE A 530i

15 06 2017
Chanel Clancy

My family is in the same situation; can we start one together?

19 06 2017
Anita Bose

Oh my gosh! I had a 2005 BMW caught fire and i had to be. Rescued the other night. So lucky to be alive! Can you email me at
I am dealing wirh claim and trying to wrap my head around how this happened. I had iintermittent gas gauge issues. For 3 days prior to fire.

19 06 2017
Anita Bose

mine was a 2005 745i. Its totalled

24 06 2017
Hedson Ortiz

My bmw 528i 2000 airbags exploded while parked in front of my house and it was turned off. This happened yesterday June 23 2017. I would like to take legal action who can help me?

25 06 2017

Hedson, Help me. I have the same year and model car with 140,000 miles on it. Never have I kept a car so long. So far 14years. No problems and I have worked on myself in every area of the car. Can you tell me what area that the fire started in? Any other clues that you could provide me may help. By the way there is an attorney somewhere in all these post that is trying to get to the bottom of these troubles that so many people are having.

25 06 2017

Hedson, Sorry I didn’t take into account that it was your air bags that blew off. Still there seems something in the wiring that is faulty and all the components in BMWs are far better than any other car that I have worked on.

27 06 2017

This morning, I got into our 535i 2011 BMW (parked in our house garage) with my son and our two dogs. I pushed the seat memory location button and realized that I didn’t have my keys so went in to the house to retrieve them. (So the car was not on.) Within seconds, my son was screaming, “Fire!” When I got to the garage, the cab of the car was filled with smoke and it smelled like electrical. The combustion appeared to be coming from the USB port in the center console. I was able to cover my hand and pull out the USB cable — the entire cord and wiring was burned out and plastic had melted. BMW roadside assist was called and I’m awaiting tow truck arrival; searching the Internet if this was a common occurrence, I found this site. Feel like we dodged a bullet catching it within seconds and I’m now waiting in the garage with an extinguisher just in case! Looking forward to hearing what the dealership says after checking it out.

29 06 2017

I am glad I found this blog. I have 2008 BMW 535i. 6/23/2017 in the morning pulling out of my driveway noticed electrical smell, then smoke coming from vents, shot it down, when getting out noticed smoke coming from under the dashboard and under steering wheel, then noticed burst of flame. Ran to my garage, grabbed wranches, and quickly disconnected the battery. Called fire department. Shortly smoke stopped. Made an insurance claim, they picked it up. Now adjuster is telling me they can’t find the source of fire. I am very worried. My wife drove the car night before with our 11 month old. Please someone offer advice…

22 07 2017
Leanne P

My car just went up in smoke as I was driving it. Electrical issue, front passengers side. Smoke was billowing through th air con vents. Then it exploded into flames!

22 07 2017
Leanne P

Mine was a 2011 325i – just gone 6 years old. Drives like a dream. But had intermittent electrical issues with brake lights blowing. Windows going down by themselves.

The aircon motor is right next to the fuse box I believe. But – with the battery in the boot, it was unable to be accessed as there’s no over ride cable to open it – not even a key hole.

Fire department had to go through the back seats and had to get all my training gear out of the car to get to it.

22 07 2017
Jorge Martinez

I have a 2007 Bmw 328xi that last monday spontaneously cought on fire over night while parked in front if my apartment. Im still waiting on my insurance company to see what there investigation says. Im pretty sure it was sometjing electrical.

22 07 2017

I bought 2 2015 X1’s at the same time. My son’s burned on June 26, 2017. BWM corporate is still towing the party line that it was some external factor that caused the fire. Vehicle is totaled by insurance company and I am upside down on the loan by $5000. Not to mention that I am fearful of driving the one I bought for myself. I will start parking it outside until I can get rid of it. Read to join any class action suit out there to prevent this from happening to other consumers.

1 03 2018
jesse grillo

Here is the thing, I like your websites. Your write up has proven useful to me. It’s a real pity you don’t have a donate button! I’d sure like to find out some additional info.

5 08 2017
Cindy Christie

My daughters BMW X5 just caught fire tonight sitting in her friends driveway. Luckily the 3 children that had been riding with her had just gotten safely in the house! Plz contact us. for additional info. Very scary for all the same reasons.

12 08 2017
Gregory Robertson

My 2006 BMW 525i caught fire and burned . I was driving along and smell smoke, so l pulled over . With in minutes the car was in flames.

5 09 2017
Billie Davis

Same thing happened to me I had my air on then the air had stop then came the white smoke then caught fire without a warning total lost

14 08 2017
Thomas Lane

My 2003 525i was in my driveway for 9 days while my wife and I were on vacation. Came home and the car would not start. Upon jump starting the lights were goofy. 1 hi beam, 1 low beam, brake lights on steady, no high beams etc.. Contacted a mechanic and were told that sun roof drains clogged and that diverted water to the light control module which (probably) started the fire during a rain storm. Nobody was there so we don’t really know. Fortunately the battery expired before the car burned completely. Geez, only cost me $1,050 to repair. My insurance won’t cover the repair but they would cover the detailing to get rid of the electrical fire smell in the car. How nice of my Insurance company (Pricks!). This is outrageous. How does BMW not make this right? Let me guess, money!?

17 08 2017

The exact same problem occurred to me this morning 17th August 2017. The car was nicely parked and locked in front of my house. When I was about to go to work, and about to enter my car, there was heavy burnt smell. Dash board (especially around glove compartment) found burned and melt. Evidence of fire inside car. Dashboard and front panel gone.

28 08 2017
Yugal Sarkar

Duplicity is a nice movie,i like the story and also the actors.,

31 08 2017
gerald paradis

2008 335xi GLOVE COMPARTMENTcaught on fire overnight.

1 09 2017
Jesse Grillo Jesse Grillo

Can you tell us more about this? I enjoy the things you provide here. There are certainly a lot of information to take into consideration. I am impressed, I have to say. I found your blogs via WordPress while searching for a related topic, your website came up and I am happy it did

5 09 2017
Billie Davis

Today my 2008 335xi caught fire without a warning it was a electrical white smoke came from under the dashboard then flames I have pics

7 09 2017
Michacle S George

2weeks ago I left my truck (bmw x5 2005) at the airport for 5 days. When I got back under my steering wheel caught fire. I called BMW they offered $2500 to put on a new or certified used BMW that’s it. I asked do they want me to take it to a mechanic to write up a report the case manager said no I asked do you want me to send you pictures? She said no.

7 09 2017
Billie Davis

My car was beautiful and I took good care of my car and it just went up in flames

13 09 2017
Luis Molinary

Almost lost my home….my 2017 X5 drive 40e hybrid got on fire on the garage 2 days ago.
My wife parked the car in the garage, plug the charger and after 5-10 minutes noticed the fire on the garage.
So, if really people think this are isolated incidents….please think again, is really happening !!!

16 09 2017
Luther Marcus Montoya Jr

I had a BMW m3 2006 e46 and it caughtt fire while driving on a hwy.. Sounded like a small explosion (bullet type sound)… All power started to go out impairing the ability to use the brakes properly to slow down… i pulled my hand break… smoke was coming out the hood. I got out and opened it and there was a small fire which seemed to be toward the middle to the driver side under engine. I had to call the fire department as it continued to spark up as I could not reach it to smother it properly. Its a totaled car… Whole front is burned up. Seems to be odd… The only changes out of ordinary was the hurricane in texas caused us to use only unleaded fuel (this take only).. .and it was more humid and cool than usual outside. and there was two more cars on fire on the same highway that night. I dont believe those were bmw’s but could not tell. If you have an idea let me know. So far my insurance is paying for it .. and everyone is ok (MOST IMPORTANTLY)

18 09 2017
Manish Vipani

My 2016 BMW i8 (almost new) caught on fire… here is the video

I am waiting on BMW to respond.

18 09 2017
Billie Davis

They going to respond with giving you $1500 towards another BMW

19 09 2017

My 2011 bmw 328i xdrive caught fire this morning on the 19 sep 2017. I was asleep when i heard my car alarm going off. I go out to check it out and started smelling burning plastic. Had to open the door manually with the actual key thats in the keyfod. The fire was behind the glove compartment . Im in shock i just bought the car last month when i came home from a navy deployment. Fire dept put the fire out. I called my insurance company lets see where it goes from there.

20 09 2017
Stephanie Zimmermann

Hello Arjelis — Would you please contact me? I would like to hear more about what happened with your fire. Stephanie Zimmermann, ABC News

26 09 2017

If your car has caught on fire, or if you’ve had any other problem, make sure to file a report to
My 2007 BMW 328i just caught on fire for no apparent reason.

26 09 2017

Thank you for the info Jim!! Everyone who has commented on this blog should file a report!!

4 10 2017
Natalain schwartz

Hi, my name is Justin Clark, I am 45 years old and live in Placerville CA. I am also currently between jobs right now. I am a father of 3 awesome children and until recently, married for 25 years. For My last job, I was in homecare for my wife Tanisha Clark. Tanisha was diagnosed with late stage colorectal cancer 5 years ago and since January 1st we have been taking care of her here at home. Before then I was working as an independent contractor in flooring for 16 years. However the reason I am reaching out to you today is for my 22 year old daughter Mckenna Clark. Mckenna and her mom were very close. Tanisha passed on August 29, 2017 right after 45th birthday. Mckenna would travel from Sacramento to Placerville on her days off and stay the night on the couch up here so she could help take care of her mom and spend time with her and give me the time to run errands and have some me time. also, so we could all go to grief counciling together every other Thursday, after Tanisha passed. So here is our situation. Wednesday while driving up to visit family, her car bmw wagon caught fire and completely burned. I feel that we were very lucky that we are all ok. She just got this car 4 months ago and she has put a lot of money into it. The coverage she bought doesn’t cover the damage. It has been so tough dealing with the loss of her mom and now she doesn’t have transportation to get to work or to make it to our counciling. After the last year, I don’t have much to offer her as far as money. I am now a single parent raising a teenager and I am currently unemployed. So through the suggestion of a close friend, I am asking for help for my daughter through gofundme. Our goal is to raise enough money for a reliable vehicle so she can get to and from work and come up for her family counciling. Mckenna has always worked so hard to be here for us through some extremely tough times.
I recently received this as a go fund me if anyone knows the contact for the new station that would be interested please let me know through a response post. There arr photos as it burned to the ground

31 10 2017
Jody Lynn

Hi all,
I drive a 2013 535I BMW and picked my kids up from school today in it. We live 1 mile from the school. By the time we pulled into our driveway, the engine was smoking on the passenger side behind the glove box. I opened the hood with my son to see if we could see anything that stood out as burnt or on fire and couldn’t find anything for sure. There are some black hoses and one of them appears to be grayish in color; almost looks charred! I turned the engine back on to move it away from our newly built home and the dash read “ENGINE COMPARTMENT EXTREMELY HOT, PROCEED WITH CAUTION!” I immediately turned it back off! I’m terrified to drive it anymore! I am going to wait for an hour to let the engine cool and then move it out of our driveway! Has this happened to anybody else? My name is Jody and my phone number is 417-459-0577 if anybody could shed some light on this situation. Many Blessings to all of you!

1 11 2017
Kellie McAvoy

My 2004 – X3 driver seat started a electrical fire as I was driving. I’m here to report the electrical fire burned a hole through car seat and my long wool coat only and burned my leg slightly. I parked car in my garage, smelled the electrical smell and realized it was my n the seat burned a whole right through the leather seat and my coat. The fire burned out as car engine was turned off. I contacted Orland Park dealer and they put in a new seat and paid me a $100.00 for a new coat. This took place 7 years ago. I still own vehicle and believe that the electrical seat heaters are still running hot wires constantly even when not in use. Concerned – what to do?

3 11 2017
Pearson Owens

Look!!! BMW is finally admitting there is a problem. Sent from my iPhone


3 11 2017
Ellen Richman

My BMW x5 blew up on my driveway August, 2017. The fire almost burned down my apartment and my dogs almost died. The car was burned beyond recognition and I am still traumatized .

6 11 2017
Chandler allen

This is all part of there Nazi comeback

7 11 2017
Modesto Morales

My son’s car a 2013 328i, get on fire, 2 days ago , Him was driving on the 405 fwy south , about Lawmdale CA, toward Long Beach, and other motorists waving at him, to pull over, cause his car was on fire, him pull over, call 911, fire trucks 🚒 came to quench the fire, they use a tool to cut the trunk , to cut the battery power source, and brake the dashboard to extinguish the fire, my worries is, my daughter have a 2013 328i, and I have two, about if they get on fire?

7 11 2017
Vinny Gop

Picked up my BMW 320d (2011) from the service department in Brisbane Australia and within 90mins the car caught on fire from the engine and wheel arch areas. I then swerved into spot safe to jump out, which we did and then the car within 30 seconds had completed caught on fire and exploded 4 times. I had been on 4 major news channels and since this time BMW Australia and Brisbane BMW have ignored me and my family and have been trying to wriggle out of any liability whatsoever. BMW’s customer service and attitude has been nothing short of disgusting and after purchasing 3 brand new cars from this dealership over the last 9 years they have me and my family absolutely speechless.

Never ever purchase a BMW car, they are only interested in selling to you and when something goes wrong, they don’t want to know you.

Sad sad story..

28 11 2017
Stephanie Stover

My BMW 525 xi caught fire while we were driving, and burnt completely – bumper to bumper. The only thing remaining was the metal. I lost thousands of dollars worth of personal items, 3 years worth of payments, and was made by the insurance company to pay the $500 deductible!!
Certainly with the UNSPEAKABLE volume of fire related incidents that this brand of vehicle has endured – BMW is to be held accountable – no?

28 11 2017
Ellen Richman

My X5 went on fire exactly the same way and when it was over, all that was left was metal. Almost burned down my apartment with my dogs in it. Thank God the police truck yanked the car away from my home and into the middle of the street. Truly traumatic experience!

5 12 2017
Ruben Diaz

My 07 335i caught on fire back in September. While on the freeway is suddenly died off as if the battery died. I had the chance to pull over and after 2 minutes that’s when the fire started. A recall was issues this October warning us BMW drivers about the cars catching on fire. Sadly today I received the results of the investigation and BETSY HOLMAN from BMW NORTH AMERICA stated it was a “LACK OF MAINTENANCE” who was bs because I took care of my car at all times. it was a 335i for crying out loud ! I’m upset how BMW has handled this and now I’m stuck with a car payment with no car and my gap insurance stated it was not paying anything for the car. I need help and advice this was my first BMW and I could have lost my life!!

14 02 2018
Reid Garrow

OK wow, this happened to me this weekend and I’m dealing with BETSY, I hope I don’t get the same answer!

11 01 2018

My 2006 325i caught fire driving down the freeway in Marin county on my way to work with 2 coworkers. Barely made it out of the car. A minute later the car was gone. The ultimate driving experience.

14 02 2018
Reid Garrow

did they do anything for you?

26 01 2018


I have a 2014 535i and started smelling burning when the heater is on. Today I had white smoke come through the vents into the cabin. I will be taking it into a BMW dealership tomorrow. Does anyone know the cause of this? My car is certified and still under warranty. I have 65000 miles currently and was supposed to drive out of town in two weeks.

28 01 2018

I had a bmw m5 2006 it lit on fire while my lil brother was driving it and bmq dont wanna help or nothing

12 02 2018
J woodley

My BMW 520d caught fire yesterday while I was in the shop I came out to see fire coming from the boot got to the fire extinguisher in time to put it out I found it was from the battery cable overheating. now am left stuck thanks BMW.

14 02 2018
Reid Garrow

My car was under recall and burned up this weekend…. what should I do????????

19 02 2018
Robert Corbett

My 2002 BMW 325Ci burnt to the ground Saturday night. I had just started the car and turned on the lights. 1-2 mins later I noticed smoke coming from the lowest part of the dash to the left of the steering wheel. I pulled the car over and turned off the key. The smoke continued and was getting thicker. I went to the trunk in an attempt to disconnect the battery. By the time I got the pliers out the dash was on fire, big flames. I decided that my life may be in danger if I stayed near the car. By the time the fire department showed up the entire interior of the car was burnt. The flames were huge. Why didn’t a fuse blow when there was a short? I’m looking for some compensation.

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