It Still Burns

13 12 2010

It still burns. I still get a twinge when I see a black on black 325i like the one I used to own. I think about how we take things for granted. I didn’t really appreciate my car until it was gone.

Now, eight months later, my situation is the office joke. “Can you believe her car blew up in the parking lot?” Or my personal favorite, “her car went up in a blaze of glory!!”

I am disappointed. I feel like BMW should have done more to help me. As one of their consumers, they should have replaced my car because all the reports clearly proved that the fire was a manufacturer defect.

As much as I might admire the style of a shiny 5 series or 7 series, the first thing that comes to mind is that car is a death trap. I am not the first or the last to go through this situation.




44 responses

10 01 2011

We have sued BMW over a fire in the electrical system of a 535xi, stemming from the control module and headlight system. If any body has a similar problem, please let me know. If anyone knows of an expert who could testify about these problems, please let me know.

12 02 2012
Joaquin Davila

On January 10, 2012 my Bmw 2007 335i coupe caught fire after being serviced by Autogermana Bmw in Puerto Rico. I am still expecting an answer from them and from BMW of North America without sucess. BMW of North America sent an Engineer to dtermine the cause of the fire but they have decided to stay in complete silence. The repair quote is $25,000 so the insurance company declared it a total loss. My car was in top condition with only 45,000 miles, Autogermana BMW offered $10,000 to buy another car and has deny any liability. I will take the case to legal and will see what happens. Thr repair to the car was the replacement of the right headlight.

14 02 2014

my car blew up in my driveway..BMW has been unresponsive so far.. how did you deal with the situation?


30 05 2015

they have told me the exact same thing… my car caught fire last week inside from the sunroof..

10 03 2017
Tiffany Claiborne

My BMW 325i 2004 burned and I had the same problem but ABC has contacted me and they are interviewing people with BMW parked car fires…

22 03 2011

Our BMW has burned as well out of the blue just by being parked in the driveway! I don’t know what to do?

19 05 2011

my love of my life 1 series 2007 with only 12,000 miles was tragically taken when it was engulfed in fire AGAIN starting from the right hand side (drivers side dash) the car had been kept secure by drive way and not driven for hours before when it was serviced at the local bmw dealership and might i add fully valet! DEVASTATED!

2 07 2011

I had a BMW 3 series that spontaneously combusted on my drive and set fire to my house porch in 2009. Fortunately, I was at home and able to call the fire brigade. The BMW was 2 years old, guess what, despite a number of telephone calls and writing directly to MD of BMW UK no action. BMW completely washed their hands of the incident and it was left for the insurance companies to pick up the pieces. No support what so ever from BMW. The insurance company put a fire investigator on to the case, however, the evidence was not conclusive and not able to pin the cause down. All I can say is the fire started in the engine compartment and the car had been parked up for 17 hours. The car was a complete write off.

26 01 2014

you are one of thousands of cases, did you know there is a RECALL in place, due to the FACT, that this is happening all over the world, it time that BMW are made to hold there hands up and pay Compensation

3 07 2011

likewise all down to insurance companies and myself to deal with bmw would take no responsibility and gave no support or sympathy whatsoever!

28 07 2011

At least you’re alive. A man in St. Paul MN (an ER doctor, no less) died this morning after over a week’s fight in the hospital. He was found at 2:30 in the morning in his BMW, with serious chemical/smoke inhaled and burns on his face and hands. Tragic.

22 03 2015
Maureen T

Please stop at my twitter acct . Post info and vin no. of burnt BMW. I want to be compensated and I am sure you do too. I am documenting cases to be submitted as one to NTHS. Jay Hansen and BMW NEED TO BE EXPOSED.
BMW knows their cars at putting peoples lives at risk.
Reenieb @ twitter

22 03 2015
Susan Davies

Hello Please don’t bombard me with emails, I have Cancer, I will give You some information as I stopped Complaining about this, when I found out I had Cancer, and kept hitting a brick wall with my Complaint. I have a recall notice from BMW dated 17/1/2014, it quite CLEARLY STATES : a short – circuit in the FUEL HEATER CAN lead to a FIRE, and that the FUEL HEATER should be replaced. My complaint originally concerned a BMW 1 series REG No MJ59HRP, and Vin No WBAUH520X0E341684. I have sent a great deal of Emails, but lost them with a Fault on an old Laptop. I mostly sent them to BMW, and never got a reply (CUSTOMER.SERVICE@BMW.CO.UK) You have to understand You are fighting a Multi-Billion pound Car Manufacturer, So they are Hardly going to admit Wrongdoings, having said that You are quite RIGHT, This HAS been going on for years, and YES, BMW are quite aware that some Cars HAVE caught fire, and been Destroyed, my Sons was, and it had his Baby Daughter and Girlfriend in it, When it just burst into flames, only 3 years old, they managed to escape, thankfully, So that is why BMW know that THEIR CARS, do catch fire, but refuse to confirm that, So to sum up, BMW admit, in writing, that a FAULT can cause a FIRE, But I was told its impossible to prove an individual case, due to the FACT the evidence gets Destroyed with the Fire, Convenient I would say. I know how to get things into the Media, for example, Read my Story on Yahoo( WAYNE DAVIES ANNUITY) But I hit a Brick Wall against BMW and had to stop, Due to my Health at that time. The BMW recall notice supplied to my Son Dated 17/1/2014 and signed by ZOE ROWBOTTOM, BMW INFORMATION CENTRE Manager. I hope You Succeed with Your Quest, it will be very Hard. BMW CUSTOMER INFORMATION SERVICES 0800 777 114 Good Luck W.Davies Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2015 22:32:31 +0000 To:

22 03 2015
Susan Davies

Hello As I DO NOT have access to Twitter, I would respectfully suggest that the People involved in this sorry situation Should Contact Your Government Transport Member of Parliament, and Your Motoring Magazine Editors, and Any Motoring Organisations, Because You will get NO-WHERE by trying to get Answers from BMW. You will be unable to Rectify this without getting the RIGHT PEOPLE involved, and that is a fact, BMW are NEVER going to Admit these Fires, for fear it may cost them MILLIONS?? Good Luck, I believe that this is all about, Contacting the Right People, at the Right Time. Regards Wayne Davies Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2015 22:32:31 +0000 To:

17 07 2012
Rory Mabin

I had my certified pre-owned 328xi spontaneously combust minutes after I drove it home from the dealership, and never received any explaination or support from BMW. The fire originated in the same location (front driver’s side).

If anyone would like pictures or further information for the purpose of pursuing legal action, please feel free to contact me.

22 03 2015
Maureen T

Please visit my Twitter acct and post your comments and vin no. Jay Hansen along with Michael Maass both know the public is at risk and have no problem with their BMW owners losing their shirts. BMW WHY WAIT TILL SOMEONE BURNS ALIVE IN ONE OF YOUR CAR FIRES. Get honest and pay up.

3 08 2012

Dear Sir,

My name is Hend Soleib I am a customer of BMW Egypt ( Bavarian Group ) , I am really shocked of BMW as a one of the reputable Auto motors cars world wide and never ever expected that I would face such a horrible accident with BMW that should be one of the best when it comes to SAFETY ISSUES , Thursday July 12th, 2012, I had a big fire in my car 318 (2010 Model VM49882) for unknown reason while my mother 77 years old was in it. what happened that I parked the car in a main famous road and left my mother there waiting for me , for a less than 10 minutes people were screaming that the car is burning , I even have fallen down and crashed my knees and arms while was running to save my mother who hardly was able to get out of the car with the assist of the audience who were there .
I have immediately contacted BMW Ka! tamyia branch – Egypt, who came and dragged the car .

Sir, in addition to the very bad condition my mother and I were in , the unprofessional reaction of the customer care of the Branch Manager ( Eng. Ehab El Dur ) is really unbelievable and not accepted by all means, Mr. El Dur couldn’t wait to check the car on the contrary he started immediately to defend and assure that it is not a technical defect without even having a look to it and also refused to give another one (car) until they are done with the diagnoses which is of course causing me a big loss as my life is totally stuck and can not even go to work.

Sir I am really , depressed and disappointed from BMW and do not think that the case should go like this specially that there are many cases in Egypt had same accidents, however I prefer to wait until I receive your advise

Your Urgent reply will be highly appreciated

Best Regards

Hend Soleib

26 01 2014

these fires are happening ALL OVER THE WORLD. BMW need to for once hold their hands up, and start paying compensation this has been going on for years, its not a new thing, but there may be light at the end of the tunnel. BMW are recalling thousands, if not millions of cars, due to certain fire risks SO they KNOW this IS and HAS been a problem good luck with all you do.

22 03 2015
Maureen T

Please contact me with your burnt BMW vin no and information, your financial loss. I have a twitter account hoping someone with the right skills will see this information and expose BMW for putting the public at risk and basically stealing from the fire victims.
Twitter name Reenieb

22 03 2015
Maureen T

Please post your story on my twitter account Reenieb. My car fire occurred on July 30,3012 BMW is fully aware of the car fires. They need to be exposed in the media. I am collecting data to be submitted to National Transportation Highway Safety . Please include vin.

22 04 2015
Kafkas Ogun

Hi my name is Kafkas Ogun
Today my 1999 BMW 328ic got on fire without any reason. Car has been park for 2days not driven. Today I got a call from sister in law stating fire department knock my door and told them BMW got burn down. I check with many mechanics and been told never hear anything like this before. My car got total lost since I didn’t have full insurance coverage. I have the fire department report and pictures of the car. And I have been forced to towed to car due to security reasons by police.
Please help all my savings was on this car.
Here is the win of the car
1999 Bmw 328
VIN: WBABK7331XET67288

My email address is

4 08 2012

Spooky, my 330i just went up in my drive after a 5 minute trip to the store. I will go and see BMW today and see what comes of it.

5 05 2014

was your car an automatic or standard? Did the fire start in the trunk or engine bay? BMW not terribly forth coming.

22 03 2015
Maureen T

Please respond if your BMW WAS DESTROYED BY FIRE. I want to document as many cases as possible to submit as one to the NHST.

9 07 2015

Maureen-I’m the atty on the water in the trunk electronics causing fires/engine failure class action. Plz call my cell: 1-800-279-6996 or email me w/your cell: so we can compare notes. Thx. Jos. Santoli, Esq.

22 03 2015
Maureen T

Please contact me. My 2008328xi BMW spontaneously went upon flames and burnt to the frame in less than 15 minutes in July 2012. Jay Hansen is covering this problem up. He refuses to compensate any fire victims even though I find more and more documented cases. Let’s get this issue before the right eyes so we can be compensated and BMW can be fined.

5 06 2018

Maureen, my name is Cho and I’m a reporter with ABC News. I’d love to ask you a couple of questions regarding your BMW fire — could you please shoot me an email at so we could chat?

15 06 2013

My 2007 BMW 328i caught fire on 24th April 2013 while sitting in the parking lot and was eventually declared a total loss, as the whole front end was burned. It was a certified BMW and was still under warranty. I used to get it serviced regularly from BMW of Peoria, IL, with last one done in January 2013. Neither the BMW dealer nor BMW of North America own up to the responsibility to replace the vehicle and had to settle it through my insurance company. Won’t recommend anyone buying a BMW if these 40k cars doesn’t even last it’s warranty period and the company doesn’t respect the warranty.

5 06 2018

Rohan, my name is Cho and I’m a reporter with ABC News. I’d love to ask you a couple of questions regarding your BMW fire — could you please shoot me an email at so we could chat?

4 09 2013

I am not a BMW owner (and never will be now!), but my own car (a Vauxhall Astra) was destroyed when a 2005 BMW 116I Sport caught fire and then moved forward about 20 yards, ON LEVEL GROUND to collide with my Astra. Both cars were destroyed. It was 3am, and both cars were parked unoccupied and the BMW had not been used for 2 days. My insurers and telling me it is my a claim on my own policy and that I have to pay the excess and likely to have higher premiums next renewal!
Surely BMW are responsible for this?!
Thoughts anyone?

29 10 2013
Patricia roe

My 2011 BMW x3 caught fire September 12, 2013. Its been under investigation for 6 weeks! Had 43K miles on it and was regularly serviced by a BMW dealership. I bought it new April of 2011.
Just received an email today from Jay Hanson of BMW NA telling me that the cause of the fire could not be determined because a third party had removed the damaged wiring and components? Right!
He said I need to go through my insurance and they, BMW, would pay for the deductible and take off 3K if I wanted to purchase a new BMW! This is after waiting 6 weeks for an answer.
I did finally get it in writing that they would pay for my rental but now times up!
My car is still under warranty. I am shocked by their blatant unscrupulous behavior. I’ve owned BMWs for over 15 years and thought that they would have stood behind their product. My big mistake! And never again!

My car had been serviced 8 days before and an electrical connection/sensor to the battery from the brakes was reconnected after new brakes! The third Party mentioned above I can guess was Rusnak BMW Service CA, who covered up their faulty service.

I could have been killed! I was on my way to pick up my grandchildren from school! Car just lost all power while on a main road! I had no power, brakes nothing! I have photos and a video.
My Insurance company totaled it…but said my rates will go up if I go through them. Plus the cost, time and aggravation of buying a new car.

Why should I pay anything out of my pocket for their electrical equipment malfunction while car is under warranty? How is this possible?

I’m sure they are hoping I will just settle with my insurance and go away! Shame on BMW.
I’m thinking of hiring a PR firm to make a video about this story and put it on the internet…maybe 20/20 might be interested. Perhaps California Road and Safety Department will be interested in this incident?

I’m alerting everyone I know about this situation. Going as public as possible…Facebook..Twitter..any blogs I can find…emails to all my email group lists…which represents several thousand people..and ask them to pass it forward to their lists. BMW needs to be held responsible and liable.

Any assistance or advise will be greatly appreciated regarding this outrageous injustice…

Thanks so much…

22 03 2015
Maureen T

Please contact me at Reenieb on twitter. My BMW burnt also. Exact same situation. Jay Hansen told me too. “Your car was burnt beyond recognition. We have no way of identifying the cause.” Gee, the Framingham Massachusetts Fire Inspector has a documented report.
Mr. Michael Maass, a head BMW executive in Germany offered me his condolences . Terrible representation of a quality car.

9 01 2014
Greg van camp

I had a BMW z4 self explode in my driveway. The car was not being driven that day and had been sitting cold. The fire started when I hit the unlock button on the remote. The fire was coming out from the driver side dashboard. Police and fire investigators ruled out human error or malicious intent. Which leaves only the car to be at fault. We contacted BMW USA and spoke with Jay Hanson who informed us this has never happened before and has no reports of this happening before. I’m not an investigator yet in the limited search I did online I found hundreds of bmws self igniting. And several accounts were identical to mine. Also several people online name Jay Hanson from BMW USA specifically as the person they spoke with to report their incident. My only conclusion is Jay Hanson lied to me when he told me he had no knowledge of this happening. Once again I’m no investigater but this sounds like something worth looking into and getting some straight answers. Also I have the entire video footage of the car burning to the ground plus photos.

22 03 2015
Maureen T

Please contact me. The exact thing happened to me and I had to desk with Jay Hansen too. My fire occurred on 7-31-2012. Jay Hansen knew my car caught on fire when he spoke with you.
Mr. Michael Maass of BMW in Germany knows my car caught on fire and was recalled. I have correspondence from both of them in hard copy and email stating they refuse to compensate me. It looks like the walls are closing in on them. They may get honest real fast when they are exposed.

5 06 2018

Greg, my name is Cho and I’m a reporter with ABC News. I’d love to ask you a couple of questions regarding your BMW fire — could you please shoot me an email at so we could chat?

25 05 2014

Your are a fantastic copy writer. I’ve join the mailing list for
your site cos I’d rather not miss your next articles

20 11 2014

Mine caught on fire

22 03 2015
Maureen T

Please contact me regarding your BMW CAR FIRE.

22 03 2015
Maureen T

I too was burnt by BMW when my $40,000 2008328xi went up in flames about 2 minutes after we got into the car. The car was completely warrantied with just 40,000. Miles on it. BMW told me the car was burnt beyond recognition and they could not determine the cause of the fire. BMW just got sued by the FTC in 2015. I hope to recover my financial loss. I also hope to expose BMW’s ROTTEN DIRTY SECRET…..BMW ‘a catch on fire and they turn their back and keep getting away with it.

11 08 2015
Kevin Smith

My BMW 330i spontaneously caught fire in the middle of the night of 17th September 2014 (it was approx 4 years old and well serviced etc.), fortunately no one was hurt. BMW were so disappointing in their response, they stone walled me. I contacted the MD in the UK and then the CEO. My insurance company held the car for their inspection for approximately 4 months, they refused to inspect it.
I will never buy another BMW, period. But on the bright side – I love my Mercedes 🙂

17 09 2015
Kitty Alvarado

I’m doing a story on this issue. If anyone wants to share their story, please contact me

13 04 2016
Raquel Pereira

My boyfriends 2010 320d set alight from the right headlight. The car was parked in a parking lot. Can anyone assist us moving forward with BMW? We are at a dead end with them as well as with our insurance company.

5 06 2018

Raquel, my name is Cho and I’m a reporter with ABC News. I’d love to ask you a couple of questions regarding your BMW fire — could you please shoot me an email at so we could chat?

12 05 2017

Most likely this is a hack into the IBDII system. It’s setting a timer and situation where the a component can overheat causing ignition. Noting what I have seen on TV. The fire starts in the Engine compartment the component is able to short and must be close or is including the fuel system. Possibly running the fuel system while brining the component to ignition.

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