Still Waiting…

21 05 2010

I am still waiting.  I haven’t heard anything.  It’s not looking good.  This is really disappointing….Another quick search online reveals another example of a BMW spontaneously catching fire.  My car isn’t the first nor the last:

In Long Beach, New York, Rory’s 2003 BMW 330ci with 49,000 miles spontaneously caught fire at 11:35am September 13th, he told us.

“I had not driven the car in two days,” Rory said. “I was getting ready to leave my house when I heard my car alarm going off. As I approached the vehicle I could see smoke inside the car. I quickly tried to unlock the doors with my keyless entry which didn’t work at this point.”

The fire marshal concluded that fire started under the dashboard.

“Basically the car caught itself on fire,” Rory told “I’ve contacted BMW corporate and have heard nothing as to what is going to happen next.” he said.

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2 responses

27 06 2011
Cindy Landeryou

Saturday morning I left my house to head out for a day of shopping. On my way throuhg town I stopped for a cup of coffe at the local market (THANK GOODNESS FOR VERMONT MAPLE MUDSLIDE COFFEE AT BG’S MARKET!!) I parked my car in front of the store and walked over the bank across the parking lot to get cash for my coffee. I got distracted talking to some friends and when I came back around the corner there was smoke pouring out of my X5. A guy yelled to me my car was on fire and he had called the fire dept. With two fire extinquishers we were unable to stop the smoke and the car errupted into flames. What a mess. It’s a total loss. The fire was somewhere behind the dash and we just couldn’t get to it.

13 07 2012
Ross McLaughlin

I am a reporter and would love to talk to the person who posted this video.

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