BMW Fires Seriously Change Lives

11 05 2010

After my car was totaled due to an electrical fire, BMW offered a $1500 Owners Loyalty Rebate to buy another BMW, to pay my car insurance deductible, and to replace the stroller lost in the fire…a grand total of just about $2300!

I am extremely disappointed with BMW’s offer for several reasons.  My family could have been seriously hurt had the situation been slightly different.  If the fire started 20 to 30 minutes later, we would have been in the car and possibly on the highway.  Being distracted by smoke filling the car’s cabin could have resulted in a multiple car accident.  We are all blessed that the car was parked and no one was injured.

As with most people, I need a car for my job and parental responsibilities.  I lease apartments at several different apartment communities in Washington, DC, and I need to travel to these apartment communities when a prospective resident wants to see one.  Not having a car has seriously hindered my ability to do my job efficiently.  This has effected my commissions and my household income.  Moreover, I have a seven-month-old child that needs to be taken to daycare everyday.  Having to borrow a car or use public transportation to get him to daycare everyday since mid-march is the single most frustrating part of this entire situation.  I cannot begin to express the anguish I am going through.  I purchased a luxury vehicle from a reputable dealer, and I expected more from the product and BMW.  I expected to have my car until I was ready to trade it or sell it, and I certainly didn’t expect to lose my car after only 4 years due to a product defect.

Second, I loved my 325i and was excited about having a vehicle that was paid off and reliable.  Having purchased the car in 2006, I was proud of the miles I had put on the car and I was close to paying it off.  Your offer to give me a $1500 owner loyalty rebate is unacceptable, as it is less than 10% of the car’s value.  I’m shocked that BMW is not guaranteeing their product.  As we all know, the car caught fire because of faulty manufacturing.   Fifteen hundred dollars also does not account for the interest I will pay on a new car over the next 5 years and the frustration I am experiencing because I lost my car so unexpectedly.

Lastly, I did everything I was supposed to do when owning a luxury vehicle; I babied the car.  I used premium gas, only let BMW service it, I recommended the car and brand to anyone who asked.  In retrospect, while I loved the car, I see now it’s possible that I expected too much.  I expected to have a car that was safe and reliable.  I didn’t expect faulty manufacturing to put me in this situation.  I feel really let down.  I have been rendered carless and I did nothing to deserve this.  The bottom line is that purchasing another car–regardless of the brand–puts me at an extreme disadvantage.




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13 06 2010
BMW Owner

seeing the pictures on your website make me sick to my stomach. i am a bmw owner. i might have thought twice if i read your story before buying my car. i put down $17,000–so i to would be devestated if i had the same issue. currently my car is under warranty and i haven’t had any problems.

11 02 2012
Joaquin Davila

On January 10, 2012 my Bmw 2007 335i coupe caught fire after being serviced by Autogermana Bmw in Puerto Rico. I am still expecting an answer from them and from BMW of North America without sucess. BMW of North America sent an Engineer to dtermine the cause of the fire but they have decided to stay in complete silence. The repair quote is $25,000 so the insurance company declared it a total loss. My car was in top condition with only 45,000 miles, Autogermana BMW offered $10,000 to buy another car and has deny any liability. I will take the case to legal and will see what happens.

26 04 2016
Bama lee

Well guys I had my 2007 BMW 7 series damn near burn down my house while I was at work .Car was in garage and had not been driving for the whole weekend and just started smoking and eventually burned down garage and some of house ..Was going thru case with Bmw north america they say I had to prove it was their fault well shit its a million people on the internet with the same damn problem thats a defect it was a electrical fire that could’ve killed someone. WE ALL NEED TO COME TOGETHER AND DO SOMETHING SOCIAL MEDIA WILL HELP US INTERNET ETC I HAVE VIDEO,PICS ETC OF MY INCIDENT…. ITS GONNA TAKE SOMEONE GETTING KILLE D FOR THEM TO OPEN THEY EYES AND THATS RIDICULOUS. I REALLY HATE BMW WITH A PASSION AFTER THIS INCIDENT

28 10 2016
Frankie Fairley

Just came on here to research BMW fires and am quite surprised at all of the incidents. My bmw 525i caught fire today. I was actually on the way to the hospital my daughter in law was taking her mom off life support so my day was already not a good day. But I pressed on my brakes and the light came on to say check the brake fluid I stopped at the gas station to buy brake fluid came back out and the car was smoking my eight month old grandbaby was in the car I’ve contacted my insurance company I don’t know what’s going to happen we’ve only bought this car in April this year. It’ s a 2003 so we going to see what happens. You’re right if BMW doesn’t do anything we do need to get together and make them do something because all these are not just coincidences

18 12 2016
Lorraine McCarthy

My son pulled over in front of his brothers house, and fell asleep in his beloved BMW. His car engine gave off enough fumes to kill him before it burst into flames burning him beyond recognition…this was on a spring night in Boston April 8 2016. Doesn’t matter if you get killed.

18 12 2016
Lorraine McCarthy

See my post below, I thought I replied to you

10 03 2012
Joaquin Davila

i decided to buy an AUDI A6 2012, what an amzing auto.

31 12 2013

was just in a b7 passat that burned. bad choice.

15 05 2015

Same thing happend with my brother’s car. 5seris suddenlty caught in fire.

24 12 2015

One more fire Incident to add to the collection.

Hi, I am the owner of a BMW 2002 X5 3.0i. As most owners, I loved the drive and the handling of the car, and was thinking it would be very difficult to drive another car and enjoy it. Well, how quickly things change! The day before yesterday, I woke up to find out that my X5 decided to quit with a flash: A fire had started inside the car, in the middle of the night on my driveway, somewhere around the glove compartment, burned about 1/4 of the dashboard, melted about another 1/4 of it, cracked the windshield and apparently put itself out eventually, When I discovered this, all was done and complete, no need to call the fire department. I think the fire had eventually starved of oxygen and gone out. This is good German engineering, after all. Door seals worked marvelously, not letting air in or letting flames out!

I was lucky in the sense that nothing else was harmed except for the car that is scrapped now, and except for my admiration for the BMW design and engineering. Would anyone buy and drive these things if we were told that the car drives like a dream, but may catch fire occasionally?

I am done with BMW cars. After my very own fire have I discovered how many of these cars have caught fire out there in the last 10 years… Mind boggling!

A car that catches fire while just sitting there on the driveway in the middle of the night? What will they think of next? My heart goes out to all these well-meaning drivers driving their dream machines and waiting for their number to come up!

Best regards to all.
Toronto, Canada

20 05 2018
Cassondra Fuller

Im in the same situation as you:( last night our bmw 330i caught fire sitting in the driveway. Until I started researching online i didnt even know there was issues with the electrical and that it had a recall.

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