BMW Fires on Twitter

1 05 2010




3 responses

1 04 2012
Vernes Pengic

I have BMW 325i that cought fire under dash on passinger side and i am not sure why is there any recall on this vehicle ? Vernes from Atlanta GA 678-499-3775 if you got any info please call !

30 12 2012

My 2003 BMW 325i also caught fire under the dash, but on the drivers side, while I was DRIVING!! The smoke started blowing from my drivers side air vent, I was able to pull over just in time, after inhaling very thick toxic smoke, and only able to grab my purse before the entire cabin was filled with smoke and fire under dashboard. Not to mention, it was the day after Christmas and I had so many of my family’s Christmas presents, my daughter only 6 yrs old. Very DEVISTATING for her and myself. I called BMW and they acted like I was crazy and completely dismissed my phone call. I will be seeking legal action. Anyone who reads this and has any advice please email me:

12 11 2013
Patricia roe

Hi Stephanie,
So Sorry to hear about your incident. Have you had any response from BMW? Please read my comment under It Still Burns. I’m going to prepare a video on these fires if BMW NA doesn’t assume responsibility. Taking action via the internet might be more effective than a civil suit. Anyone interested in contributing would be most welcome! Thanks Patricia Malibu CA

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