I Returned the Rental, A Ford Focus

21 04 2010

Can you believe that in a time of sheer crisis, a Ford Focus got me around town without any problems?  When my insurance provided me with the car, I was like, “are you serious?  A Focus?”  But I eventually settled into the car and it became my way of life.  The little burgundy treasure never caught fire or caused me any trouble.   I just returned it, nearly 40 days after my car was totaled due to an electrical fire.  I can’t believe I don’t have a car; this entire situation has been a nightmare.  Since this scenario started, my son has had two ear infections and I’ve worked an average of 6 days a week.  And now I don’t have a car.  I am so stressed out!  How am I supposed to function?  I might be able to borrow a car until BMW replaces my car, but that’s not a guarantee.  I really hope BMW doesn’t disappoint my family.

If this situation has taught me anything, it’s to never take anything for granted.  What you have today can be gone tomorrow.  I know it’s cliché, but when such a huge loss happens to you–it smacks you in the face and it doesn’t seem so trite.  Simple things like going to the grocery store to put food on the table now seem like an impossible task.  I have a baby and no car.  His undeveloped immune system should not need to be exposed to all those people on the bus.  And yet, I don’t have a choice.

AND how am I going to get him to daycare? I hope BMW fixes this!




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10 11 2014
Robert W Lee

I just purchased 2004 -325i convertible it had an oil leak from the valve cover gasket and was leaking on the exhaust manifold, while replacing it I decided to replace the headlights too a brighter bulb. Jes good thing I did the wires in all the headlight compartment’s where bare “NO INSULATION” it had deteriorated and was sloughed off lying in the bottom of the headlight lenses. I Turn on The headlights to hi beam and the wires were actually irking like a small welder that’s Y the lights where dimming on me. It’s a wonder it did not flame up!
If a fire had started in the lenses and you where at highway speeds the whole engine compartment would have been engulfed in flames a matter of seconds!!!
That’s the reason I found your site as I was researching recalls on this car in which I found none dealing with this issue…!!!!!

27 03 2018
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I Returned the Rental, A Ford Focus | BMW Electrical Fires

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