“Fires Tend to Burn Away the Cause of the Fire”

16 03 2010

I have spoken with two BMW representatives so far.  They have been pleasant and helpful; I hope it stays this way.  They have explained the facts as they see them.

1.  They are sorry that my car caught fire while parked on a random Saturday evening–20 minutes before I was supposed to be in the car.

2.  There needs to be an investigation to determine what caused the fire.

3.  I cannot have a BMW service loaner because fire repairs tend to take a long time and their policy is to default to the victim’s insurance.  (In the meantime, I will continue to drive the Ford Focus provided by my insurance company and pay my BMW car note.)

4.  In management’s 25 years of experience at BMW of Arlington, they have allegedly never seen anything like this.

5.  MY PERSONAL FAVORITE: The problem with fire investigations is that “fires tend to burn away the cause of the fire.”

Hummmmm….I feel like they are trying to plant certain ideas in my head about the eventual outcome of this situation.  I feel like they are implying that while the car spontaneously burst into flames it’s impossible to prove that it’s BMW’s fault.

I hope to have the results of the investigation by the end of the week.

Maybe I am jumping to conclusions…Maybe BMW will do the right thing…Only time will tell.


December 2008

New 2008 BMW 328i purchased in April under warranty…etc. BMW states that since the car is so badly burned (examined by their engineer..) you can’t prove that it was their fault. UuuuHHHH!!!

A car that is under warranty that has a documented defect and previous fire catches on fire for the 3rd time and is totalled. BMW avoids all responsibility by stating: YOU CAN’T PROVE our FAULT because the car is too badly burned.
DON’T PURCHASE BMW’S.. BOYCOTT.. they do not back their product or their warranty…

It’s like deja vu.




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19 03 2010

Wow! BMW’s response is not what I would expect from a company with such a strong following and noteworthy reputation.

1 12 2010
Suzanne Carver

My 2009 750i caught fire in my garage, not only did the car burn but so did the garage and the house is so smoke damged that it had to be taken down to the studs. There have been 3 different fire investigators including a forensic fire investigation. They all know the car caused the fire but they have also prepared more for the possibility of no solid proof. Just like you say the car was so damaged that they may not be able to show the concrete evidence. BMW half-heartedly asked if they might offer a loaner, but of course I declined because I am scared. Rationally I klnow it would be fine but I am still gun shy.
At first, I was curious as to why BMW fire investigators were the last one to look at the car, but then I realized that they don’t want to know. Sad but true.

14 12 2010
BMW Electrical Fires


I am sorry to hear about your loss. Please keep us posted. I pray that BMW does something to assist you. This is going to keep happening, and I know it happens more than BMW wants to admit. I am thankful that no one was hurt.

Good Luck!!

15 02 2014

my 2001 bmw 325 i caught on fire 1 hr ago front of the house we able to put it out so i have proof i contact my attorny allready so will shall see what they say

27 03 2014

Jay hansen will not return calls they had someone look at car and now no return calls . I ended up getting him after 100 calls and he was very rude saying I told you ten days but it was funny the call was on day 11 it’s now three weeks no call we are scared of our car lights caught on fire and bmw will not even replace lights crazy and they contacted me telling me about fire issue but now are doing nothing I have a car I paid . 30 plus for we will not drive

31 03 2014
Joe T

Call Bmw of north america they will help they helped us ,took them a little long around 3weeks but finally a tow truck arrived and took the car to bmw

16 04 2014
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29 04 2014
Brandie Baxter

I’m sorry but I wouldn’t have NA BMW pick up my car. This is evidence! Contact a lemon law lawyer. By the way NA Bmw is Jay Hansen! He is the one that talks to everyone and is so rude and flat out lies to everyone. Please report your incident to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Association. They are finally getting enough reports to make Bmw step up to the plate. http://wemakeitsafer.com/vehicle-recall/BMW-Z4-Recall-5832531

2 05 2014

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